Whats really going to cause the end of the world

Discussion in 'Science and Technology' started by Vanilla Gorilla, Apr 17, 2018.

  1. Ideonella sakaiensis

    A mutant enzyme thats appeared recently that eats Plastic PET bottles

    As humanity expands, so does the rubbish: viruses, bacteria, enzymes mutate accordingly, then they mutate into something that kills us

    Accidental mutant could solve global issue
  2. Pete's Draggin'

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    Human beings are like a virus.
  3. Orison

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    SpaceX manipulates an asteroid, forces collision on Mecca .. Backfires when asteroid strikes ocean waters.
  4. egger

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  5. SpacemanSpiff

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    aliens if you mean humans when you say world

    collision with other space objects if you mean earth

    if you mean the actual whole world there is no end
  6. Monkey Boy

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    In about 5 billion years the sun will run out of hydrogen to burn. That will end life on earth.

    In about 2 million years humans will probably be considered a different species as the persistent pressure of evolution asserts itself.

    In about 30 years the industrial systems that sustain the way of life in developed nations will be only a memory as it's main fuel source dwindles to virtually nothing.
  7. storch

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    Consider that we have our existence on an orb that is spinning at one thousand miles per hour. Not only that, but this orb is traveling through the frozen vacuum of space at sixty-seven thousand miles per hour. Where is it going? Nowhere. It's circling a much hotter, much larger, and much less dense orb. And from this less dense orb comes that which activates all things necessary to the existence of all things on, and within, this orb. Seems quaint enough, in a cosmic sort of way. However, when I considered that most of the surface of this orb is covered in water, while also considering its rate of speed and spin, I couldn’t help feeling that our position here is just really precarious.

    All that water! If anything interrupts that spin or speed, there's going to be a lot of mopping up to do afterwards, and almost certainly no one left to do it. Or, if anyone is left to do it, almost certainly they'll be in no condition to do so. And even if they were in good enough physical condition to do some mopping, almost certainly they'll lack the will to do so, as there would be no money in it.

    No doubt my observation will cause you to view meteors and asteroids in a less than favorable light from now on since the impact from a large enough one could potentially affect the spin of our orb. Technically, however, meteors and asteroids don't slam into our orb; our orb slams into meteors and asteroids at the breakneck speed of sixty-seven thousand miles per hour. And all this time you thought that meteors and asteroids were the aggressors. Think, man! Would something the size of a football field or smaller knowingly take on something the size of a planet? Certainly not without the judgment-blurring influence of alcohol? And where would a meteor or asteroid get alcohol out in the frozen vacuum of space? So I guess that while the world won't end, we sure will. No doubt about that.
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    Germs resistant to antibiotics or a disease in general is a threat but what will really do it is the planet being uninhabitable. Say the animals die and it's almost impossible to grow a crop without very expensive indoor setups found only with pot now. You find another planet or you starve.
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    See him rise, the might Surt!
    The destroyer, of the universe!
  10. There is actually more vegetation and animals on the earth than ever before

    50% of the worlds seafood now comes from aquaculture (fish farms)

    And the same amount of water of course, not like that ever goes anywhere

    Just because we loose species like the white rhino due to mankinds spread, doesnt actually mean the total number of animals is decreasing
  11. Irminsul

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    Ywah I saw the pink rhino just up and created.
  12. Asmodean

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    Animals grown in captivity are hardly a proper indication of how the earth or an environment is doing. Decline of wild animals is. Insects, sea life like corral (but also plenty of wild fish species, predator animals on top of the foodchain etc. etc. are all indicating we're having an unfortunate impact on nature as a whole. The good thing is we're slowly getting we can't continue the way we did with the human population increasing and acting upon that insight. You probably see this as a futility because of 'Asia' ;) :p

  13. Who said anything about animals grown in captivity, who said wild animals are declining, who said insects are declining, who said sea life is?

    Some species are declining but the total flora and fauna on both sea and land are increasing
  14. Asmodean

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    Its a fact and common knowledge by now that where dairy and agraric monoculture is expanding the natural diversity is declining. So, there are certain places in the world where this is hardly noticable, and plenty of animal species are still doing fine and can even increase in numbers.. therefor there's no such concern?
    You're at odds with the assumed consequences if certain wild insects or corral reefs will continue to die and decline in numbers? Its not useful to counter it?
  15. Noserider

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    Sun's supposed to burn out in a few billion years. I imagine that's not going to do much for the longevity of life on Earth
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  16. that's what I was going to say. Overpopulation seems like the best candidate for the job! :)
  17. Asmodean

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    It will be the indirect and essentially avoidable consequences of overpopulation sooner than overpopulation on itself
  18. Worldometers - real time world statistics This site... it has little counters that tell you different factors that I believe are related to overpopulation.

    I don't know the science behind it, but the following is the site's estimate of when we will run out of oil.

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    weak cowardly men that need to flaunt their compensatory weapons to cover up their fragile egos
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    Either nuclear war or some sort of super virus.

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