Websites selling Herbs. Curious question and opinions wanted.

Discussion in 'Marijuana' started by Blazingstars, Sep 14, 2018.

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    We have many websites out there now selling Herb and other. Have not tried any yet myself. I have read the reviews of many others. I see the majority of them are probably all scammers and thieves of some kind. Hate to see.
    If anyone and all can tell me of some websites that are legitimate and trustworthy.....I'am curious to know of them. Websites that deliver anywhere around the USA. Also happy to hear from people that have already been doing so successfully with no problems with particular websites for a good, long time.
    If you think it isn't the most intelligent thing to do.....also happy to hear your opinion on that as well. Share any words you like.....Thanks
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  2. SpacemanSpiff

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    i usually buy mine from your mom
  3. Born25YearsTooLate

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    if you wind up with anything crossing state borders, it turns into a /federal/ crime. remember that first off.
    if something crosses multiple state borders and it's illegal in any of them, the penalties stack. remember that secondly.
    shipping anything illegal on a federal level through the us postal service is an immediate felony. remember that thirdly.
    ironically enough, you're better off taking a vacation to where it's legal and carrying back (not that I advocate breaking the law in any form or fashion, mind you. just that if you pay cash, and don't keep any receipts, no one can 'prove' that you crossed a state line with it unless they bust you right across the bridge, so to speak.)

    If you do go in for tourism, expect to be stopped shortly after you cross into the state. (I'd say somewhere between 2 and 8 miles in - far enough that it's unlikely for someone to get wind and turn back, but close enough they haven't had time to get paranoid) If you're smart, you'll get an atlas and check out backroads. Take a nice, long, scenic drive nowhere near the main highways where all the less than intelligent and very stoned tourists are heading back with an o taped to their taint. Also, I would personally invest in a modest photography setup (nothing super-expensive, but decent enough for hobby work) and start the hobby of taking backwoods and back country photos. That way you have a /reason/ to be wandering the back country roads. Also, photography equipment can provide rather nice stash spots.

    at this point in time, I wouldn't consider 'any' website legitimate enough to shop from. I'm sure many would disagree with me. But paranoia is as much a survival tool as any other. And I've spent 25odd years of general kinds of misbehavior without going to jail. Remember one simple rule - if you have to break a law, only break one at a time. And be smart which 'one' it is.

    I don't advocate breaking any, and that's my comment on the matter - do with it as you will.
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    I agree with Born25YearsTooLate. I doubt any reputable Marijuana Store is going to sell to a state where it's illegal due to Marijuana still being illegal at the federal level. I live in California and had a Medical Card for a couple years before pot was legal for recreational purposes. Dispensaries were constantly popping in and out of existence, either relocating to not get busted or getting busted.

    However the dark net could be a potential option.
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  5. Born25YearsTooLate

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    How NOT to get busted!

    if one can't sort through the smart and the not so much in this thread.. might want to rethink what they're doing. :grinning:
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    I hear ya Man. Thanks for all your wise words. Wish ya best. Peace.....
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    Some good Smoke isn't it !!!! Get your mom off the end of our street selling her body !!!! Earns pennies all day......

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