Straight Guys With Gay Fantasies

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How often do you fantasize about gay sex with men?

  1. Daily

    11 vote(s)
  2. Weekly

    15 vote(s)
  3. Monthly

    8 vote(s)
  4. Yearly

    0 vote(s)
  5. Once before - a long time ago

    2 vote(s)
  6. Absolutely never!

    5 vote(s)
  1. ggib111

    ggib111 Well-Known Member

    OK, I once read that 2/3 of men have at least jerked off thinking about a gay encounter. I suspect that if 2/3 will admit to it, then really all of them have!

    So here is the question for guys who basically consider themselves straight: how often do you find yourself fantasizing about sex with another man?

    1) Once a day?
    2) Once a week?
    3) Once a month?
    4) Once a year?
    5) Only once before, years ago?
    6) Never. Absolutely not! (yeah right!)

    I'll post a poll so we can make this a scientific study! Just be truthful. Don't worry. Nobody knows you! Feel free to add other comments.

    Ladies, feel free to comment but not vote. Same with you gay guys. Start your own poll for that!


  2. HollywoodLife

    HollywoodLife Member

  3. Paco jerte

    Paco jerte Member

    I do but not with a man but with a tranny I think it's sexy that they have a penis and breast at the same time plus I like the girly looking granny's not ugly ones with no titts. Plus would be awesome to jerk then off wile fucking them that turns me on so much!!!
  4. Peeingisfun

    Peeingisfun New Member

    i watch all kinds of pron. I do enjoy a nice thick penis vid
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  5. Bud D

    Bud D Member

    I'm sorry but if your having gay fantasies, YOUR GAY!

    Strait people, 100% strait guys like me don't have any shred of gay fantasy.
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  6. Mrkink86

    Mrkink86 Member

    Love tranny porn big boobs big cock best of both worlds.
  7. Sharkman84

    Sharkman84 Member

    I don't however I did think another boy was cute in high school but never had the thoughts since.
  8. cpo999

    cpo999 Member

    I'm straight and I'll watch the ocassional homemade frot or gay handjob. Don't like anal or kissing ... but amateur handjob and blowjob I view occasionally.
  9. I have no issues telling you what I'm into, but I'm straight. No questions, no exceptions, no odd thoughts. I think you might be discovering you're bisexual.
  10. Tchelle

    Tchelle Member

    Back befositioned and still had a penis i was out drinking with a workmate and we wound up back at his place with more bear and pizza
    We were talkinh about girlfriends and sex when he blurted out that he has had fantasies about fucking me
    I stripped in front of him fondeling myself the whole time he was totally shocked but i noticed that he had a raging hard on
    I finally got him out of his clothes then gave him his first ever blowjob by someone with a penis
    After he came i left his penis coated with cum then Straddle straddled his lap and eased myself onto his shaft he came in me almost immediately but stayed hard
    We spent most of the night doing variations of that
    Up till that night he was totally streaght
    I on the other hand have been bi since fourteen and first got it in the rear at sixteen
  11. libre

    libre Guest

    In answer to the post, I couldn't say daily, but definatly several times a week. I don't so much fanfasize about having full sex with a guy, but certainly about giving a guy a blowjob. I find myself watching solo cum compilations wishing my mouth was on the receiving end of one or more of those loads. I have eaten my own cum on many pccasions, and now regularly fantasize about eating somebody else's. I get excited seeing a nice cock picture or video and think about how it would feel inside my mouth, how it would feel when the cum was released inside my mouth, and how it would feel to swallow a strangers cum load. Up till now still a fantasy, probably always will be, but you never know.
  12. Chigurh

    Chigurh Well-Known Member

    The only man I've ever wanted to fuck is God.
  13. swhite30

    swhite30 Well-Known Member

    same here. love watching only the cock in videos lately. really really hot
  14. pensfan13

    pensfan13 Senior Member

    Aka gay guys who haven't had gay sex yet.
  15. SquirtSlave

    SquirtSlave New Member

    Sorry for the long reply, but the short story is that for confidently straight males who never had an ounce of attraction to other men, but end up thinking about dick, it's likely the porn you're watching that's changing your preferences through conditioning by which you move from a straight disposition to one that's curious or open to a same sex encounter.

    We unconsciously begin to assimilate the dispositions of the people who perform the actions we desire to emulate or have interest in and with some of us, for various and often unintentionally reasons over time, we take steps further and further towards becoming someone we initially would've bet our lives we'd never be.

    No offense and no homo here as I have never even had so much as a finger in my asshole, well, maybe a tongue a time or two - but a female tongue.

    I think it's the porn that gets str8 guys interested in gay/bi sex eventually.

    If you never have, or ever do stop watching porn for a long time - like years while re-discovering your , you'll find your inclinations to do gay stuff decrease dramatically. At least for me.

    You may find it hard to achieve orgasm or climaxes or even interest in strictly straight stuff for awhile, but the brain is magnificently capable of rewiring itself (in not talking about those of us who are genetically predisposed to a homosexual orientation, but to the many like me who KNEW they were straight, but eventually found themselves moving from revulsion, to indifference, to curiosity, to open minded, to willing, to wanting to have intimate male on male intimacy.

    Again, this is my theory based on what I know to be facts in the fields of biological Neuroscience, cognitive conditioning, the impact of theatrical entertainment (where we watch, whether in a live on stage play or on TV/internet, people either acting out scenarios or not acting, but just being people), combined with my own extremely recent experience which culminated just a few nights ago.

    Pls don't be offended if you disagree. I actually don't care if you disagree, I'm just reporting my experience and plan of action based solidly in scientific facts.

    Example - So, I hadn't watched porn in forever, outside of a few peeks at a rather mild pussy eating vids once every few years ago, but recently I had been fantasizing about getting the wife laid after being on a porn binge over the last six months. I was getting turned on by the thought of her getting to enjoy a guy with a super huge dick.

    The reason that I told myself is that I got plenty of pussy in my youth - orgies, trains, FFM, MMF, MFMF and all, but she was an extremely closeted virgin when we met back in college.

    Formerly, the thought of another guys naked penis within six feet of mine was enough to turn my hard on into a 24 - 48 hours condition of ED. I was, and still am, rabidly straight in my sexual self identification.

    I even remember just a few months ago when I first saw wives getting BBC in cuckold porn (which eventually got the whole idea in my head), I was utterly disgusted by the lame guy eating another man's cum after the stud fucked his wife and left a puddle of goop on her belly.

    I honestly couldn't understand, like WTF, I mean like really WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF WTFF?

    But, just recently, since I've become more obsessed with the thought of her experiencing a monster dick (mine is a medium girth @ 7" insertable - of course she immensely enjoys me giving her dick since she's not had any other - a possible testament to the wisdom of abstinence, well at least for avg Joes like myself, but I digress).

    But since she'd only been accustomed to my average john, I naturally started wondering how she would even get a thick rod it in her painlessly - she's not at all into pain or anything that'll leave heavy bruising.

    I remember we tried with a 10" vibrating silicone dildo with a good girth and I had to lick her until she started cumming pretty hard - non orgasmicly(sp?) - she's got a very thick tasty grool and I basically had to get those walls super lubricated and relaxed before I could slide the dildo in after many minutes of constant, but light pressure while it was in full vibration mode.

    Now, I also love nothing more than licking her pussy, esp 69, so I started gravitating to cuckold porn where the husband was actively helping in the whole deal by licking wifey to get her ready for a fairly mismatched penetration (I'm absolutely not into the whole cuckold domination male chastity sub/slave shit - Fuck what you thought, I'm getting some pussy or else I'm going to put all that BDSM shit in a pile in the backyard and burn that crap in ten gallons of gasoline - and probably fuck a neighbor in frustration and revenge if I don't get some head or pussy from wifey w/i a few hours, I know, digressing again).

    So, in my unreasonably optimistic preplanning mind, me being present, active, supportive, approving, and encouraging seemed more likely to be what'd she'd go for if this idea ever journeyed from my fantasy land to our reality because she's pretty self conscious and body shy even after 20 years of being together and 15 of marriage with me telling her daily how beautiful she is and constantly trying to lick and stick it every chance I get lol (BBW btw).

    Sooo, from that initial thought of her getting an awesome boning, down the bottomless pit of porn I went.

    I started seeing porn where the hubby would lick the wife's pussy while the stud waited to mount just inches away...and instead of going soft as has happened for my entire life, I found my dick rock fucking hard, cause this was going to be all for the wife right? It wasn't like I had any interest in the elephant trunk swinging besides me right?

    So my typically overly aggressive internal "dude that's gay" auto-reject security system was successfully disarmed by the my mind's logical contextualization of the scene unfolding before me and I semi-consciously decided that I'd be okay wth it, but actually, I was really excited and hella inspired knowing it'd allow me to be intimately and centrally involved while doing what I loved most.

    Next, I'd see cuck porn where the stud was standing besides the bed giving wifey a good fuck at a steady moderately fast pace while she lay on her back.

    While she was rhythmically matching her stud's strokes, hubby was contentedly focused on licking her clit region less than an inch or two away from the stud's point of penetration and the giant dick's clockwork pumping heed wifey's pussy frothing which was causing increasingly thicker drips of pussy cum to splash upwards to be collected by the work of hubby's thorough tongue action.

    Turned off? Hell no. My dick got even harder being addicted to her pussy juices (I drink everything that comes out of her - minus the stuff that flows through our veins). Again, under normal circumstances, I would've been like, "dude, WTF, yes, it's her pussy juices, but it's escavated from inside her by means of the ding dong railways, he might as well be shaking his dick off into your open mouth, GAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY..." but having accepted the previous disarming code, my security systems failed to even begin an activation sequence. They had been effectively reprogrammed to ignore all #triggers designed to initiate the "wait, is this gay" analysis protocol over an illogically broad spectrum of interpersonal interactions.

    Did it end there? Of course the fuck not.

    Next, I started seeing porn where the couple was in 69 with the hubby on the bottom mainly orally massaging and exciting everything between wifey's clit to the very inner edge of the pussy's entrance.

    Wifey was essentially in doggy style position on top of hubby, proving her moxy by fearlessly rising to meet the challenges behind her.

    With every aggressive pump the massive stud produced, she arched her experienced back and reverse pumped with equally aggressive force.

    As this battle was intensifying, hubby, sensing the imminent culmination of the entire experience excitedly whipped his tongue from clot to pussy entrance, then, perhaps unable to time his movements with their rapid pace would slip a little further than usual into her pussy hole...and ever so slightly hubby's tongue is occasionally flicking the super stud's bulging tube that'll soon be transporting a week deserved river of cum through his dick and onto his wife's expectant ass cheeks.

    Okay, now we should have a problem because I have definitely witnessed mouth to dick contact. My "Dude, that so fucking gay" has finally been initiated right? Hell yeah it was, but before any counter gay steps could execute, my mind used a fucking hidden bypass code I hadn't realized existed because it only works once the initial system has been deactivated.

    My mind said, "Nah, we can bypass normal counter measures because you really have to evaluate the intent. Did he actually try to make mouth to peni contact, or was it an unintended consequence of the unpredictably chaotic scene erupting above him?

    His plan, which he tried to execute, was to simply quicken the pace of his original activity to intensify the orgasm his wife would experience and he had inadvertantly made mouth to peni contact that he couldn't avoid without compromising the success of the mission, the greatest experience his wife would ever have. Definitely not gay. "Systems, please enter hibernate mode so we can update your programming to only evaluate mouth to peni contact that we explicitly load into your mainframe for processing."

    And here's where the final error occurred. After placing the security system into hibernate, my command and control center were so eager to see the next vid that they neglected to turn the fucking system back on. It didn't help matters that my dick was throbbing with excitement and I had started nibbling my lower lip and breathing very heavily.

    Following system hibernation, I saw a GIF where a huge semi erect dick would repeatedly slip out of the wife's pussy and hubby would suck his wife's cum off the huge head before stud master reinserted the droopy dongle into wifey...and as all GIFs do, the slip, suck, insert pattern perpetually repeated... Hip thrust, dick slips out, hubby removes every trace of Wifey, muscular stud reinserts, repeat.

    The image has me captivated, it was difficult to assess the situation with my throbbing dick begging to be stroked and my best hyperventilative breaths gave me a nice high.

    As I watched, I realized there were more than one reasons the thick soft flesh kept falling out of the pussy. It was covered in slime, my mind, ever in denial, determined immediately to attribute the source of that slick coating to her moist dripping pussy, completely disregarding that a limp dick signifies the the last load has been delivered.

    Hubby wasn't sucking his wife's juices up, he was doing cleanup duty on the floppy dong. The first assumption was, well - dicey, but I told myself it was no different from sucking the cum off a vibrator right?

    After all, we had made exceptions for mouth to peni contact in these situations right? It's just skin right? He's just keeping the passion up for wifey right?

    Meanwhile, as my brain is shutting down from the impossibility of the current paradox, my dick is growing to a full thickness I haven't seen in years and I almost fucking shot my load without even touching myself.

    We can all guess what "came" next. A vid where Wifey's bull busts his nut on her ass and a few drops trickle through her engorged split lips and land on hubby's face - I was interested in seeing more, I couldn't fucking find another vid fast enough.

    Next series of vids has hubby not only getting the pussy ready for the dick, but also preparing the dick for the pussy with a few eager licks and vigorous whole head sucking and partial shaft stroking - again, anything for the wifey right?

    Finally, how the hell else can it was? Three vids with three different climaxes - one where super stud shoots a porno style gallon of white jizz into wifey's snatch and hubby continues licking from clit to pussy hole until the bulls spunk oozes out her pussy into his mouth where he purposely swallows some, but cum swaps the rest with wifey after her orgasm after shocks finish.

    The second is where the wife asks, begs, then demands hubby to "be a good boy" by cleaning her jizz filled snatch by collecting the easily reached globs of cream with his tongue, then sucking the deeper jizz out of her while she continues to shake orgasmically from the pleasure of a recent hard dicking and superb af head game from hubby...But, this is excused by my no-homo excuse that nothing, absolutely NOTHING should stop this once in a lifetime moment for the wife - even another man's sticky cum.

    Now, the third, this last event made me want to wake my wife up a fuck her for a week straight. When the stud with a body of a fucking African god pulls his ridiculously thick thirteen inch dick out of wifey about two full minutes before he came so hubby could suck his a load directly out of that swollen dick head. OMG, that thing was so damn big with veins straining like he injected steroids into it. Hubby could barely fit it in his mouth, but he was so game to try.

    He wasn't just a dumbass cuckold submissively waiting for the bulls cum, he was rocking his head back and forth, polishing the nob, adding spit, pausing to appreciate, then going back to work sucking like a hover while his hands urgently stroked the long ass shaft and fondled the stud's balls working back to the head conversely sucking and and jacking with spit soaked palms.

    He looked as impatient and eagerly expectant as any porno chick would and took great care to ensure none of that river of glue thick cum was wasted. He'd was partially swallowing when as the white jizz glue filled his mouth and trickled slowly out the sides, it moved slow like a flow of thick white hot lava.

    He sucked that dick like a veteran. He drained it, drank all of the first main burst and as if he knew more was cumming, he sucked out, swallowed, but also saved a good bit of the second and third eruptions so he could spit swap back and forth wth the wife as their tongues twisted in a French cum kiss and as the vid faded to black, I was so horny from this undeniably gay ending that without even realizing it, I said, out loud between rapid heavy breaths as the scene ended "Fuck yeah, goddammit fuck yeah, oh (heavy breathing) I'd do that shit in a heartbeat, oh (heavy breathing) I'd suck the gotdamn fuckin shit out that dick and swallow that shit too, would put some back on her pussy just to slurp out again" and even after this my mind started thinking about his damn dick and I was literally panting and rewinding the final scene to imagine sucking his dick even better, swallowing everything and just licking it from head to nuts until he went soft then just holding that fucking python in my mouth and softly sucking, hoping it'd get hard again add quench my thirst. Fuck that woman over there, I wanted to just lay there and suck play with beauty all fucking night. Oh my damn..."

    My dick started involuntarily leaking a good bit of cun, and operational control was returned to my brain and EMERGENCY CODE FUCKING RED GAYDAR DETECTION ALARM SYSTEMS were shrieking in my head...there was a damn sissy boy in very close proximity and it took me a minute to realize it was fucking me.

    So,if you think what you "choose" to watch doesn't have the power to change you, you're fucking kidding yourself.

    Over 49 years old and never had a gay desire in my life, but here I was, jacking off and tried to put the scene I just saw out of my mind while I simply concentrated on my wife's pussy, but as soon as I closed my eyes, that GIF, the one of the giant dick slipping out wifey's pussy, covered with its own cum and "accidentally" falling into hubby's mouth as he cleans it for reinsertion, it jumped into my head unwantedly and a flood of cum erupted from my dick (I was laying on the floor) and I swear I must of shot at least eight ounces of jizz out because my entire torso was soaked.

    This was NOT a drop here or a puddle there. My arms, chest, stomach, dick, and thighs were layered in a clear coat of cum.

    I had orgasms that banged like four or five times and was barely holding on to my dick as I was convulsing but trying to burst the next one out.

    Now, in pissed because I know I have to give this fucking idea up because I know if I ever was extremely horny and ended up with a dick, of any size, in my mouth trying to fulfill this fantasy, I know with absolute certainty that after I came I'd be depressed af for the rest of my life and every day would be like WTF did I do, WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF WTFF WTFF WTFF WTFF WTFF WTFF WTFF WTFF WTFF
  16. Biwing

    Biwing Member

    I think that I may be a little too old and mature for this post based on the junivile posts above but.....

    Here goes, I've definately enjoyed BJ's with other males but prefer women.
    These BJ's are usually associated with MFM's (Male-Female-Male sex for the less educated on here) and various positions associated with them.

    I do not go out looking for men nor want to attract one, However, if one approached me, I would definately comply.

    Why limit my sexual encounters because they are of the same sex?! Sex is to be enjoyed!!!

    In my lifetime I've never asked someone to do anything that I would not do myself ............ EVER!
  17. Fitg52

    Fitg52 Member

    I'm a married straight guy but obsessed with dressing in sum sexy outfit and pleaseing a hot black man with a big cock ... I would do whatever he wanted me to do , it would feel so satisfying having him bust a nut on my mouth and face know that I'm the one who made him do that! ... I don't really kno how to go about meeting a beautiful black man and making this cum true .

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