Evolution Defies Theories

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    Some 90% of all species evolving at the same time as humanity, suggests the possibility that evolution required all life on earth to abruptly change in order support the evolution of consciousness.

    That might sound bizarre, but think of it as the theory of crap rolls downhill, so the issue in evolutionary terms is how to leverage crap rolling downhill, even globally, to produce emergent effects. My personal philosophy has been compared to dozens of others, including this concept which resembles Rupert Murdock's "neuromorphic" fields. But, I've never been interested in such things in my life, and simply consider emergent effects to be the result of the humble and elegant simplicity of the system complimenting its complexity. An engine is great, but inside your car its even better, and you can say the car plus the engine produce emergent effects which are unpredictable.

    Some theories today, claim self-awareness and consciousness are merely the result of the size of the brain, and not its complexity in particular. That theory's been called into question and, my own suspicion, is because the brain actually is also a thermodynamic engine from hell and they need to formulate everything in terms of thermodynamics, as well as, size. In other words, the brain is outrageously effective at maintain its "Goldilocks" temperature of not too hot and not too cold. Other animals like whales have bigger brains, but the thermodynamics of our brains appear to be outrageous.

    Black holes have been compared to heat pumps, that distribute any mass, energy, and information throughout the visible universe with the highest efficiency possible. Likewise, it appears that the human brain evolved to deal with heat and to crunch numbers with the greatest efficiency possible, as if it were a wormhole. The fact that most life on earth suddenly evolved at the same time, indicates that life on earth was ready for this to happen, and had collectively been evolving to support maximize entropy production. You could say, the brain and all of life have evolved to resemble the creativity of the big bang.

    The collective unconscious can be thought of as the big bang, or cosmic egg, contemplating its own past and future, and humanity represents the collective unconscious momentarily awakening from their dream. We are spirits in the material world, becoming aware that what's missing from this picture can make all the difference in the world, for our reality emerges from our collective dreams and nightmares.
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    If life evolves...of course life all evolved at the same time? I don't get it. It's not like everything took an evolutionary leap at the same time humans evolved from chimps. How are birds superior to dinosaurs, necessarily, for instance?
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    They can fly? That's pretty superior. You ask anyone what super power they want, flight is often up there. Yes sure you had flying dinosaurs, but after the Deluge, it wasn't a brontosaurus that soared in the sky
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    Okay, but dinosaurs had sharp fangs and claws, plates to ward off predators, and super long necks and tails they could use to whip people.
  5. Again, the article you linked doesnt have much to do with what you are on about. The article does not say that

  6. Which is what the article is really talking about. "Neutral" evolution happens quite a bit

    What humans want to assume is a reason for mutation, is often just human bullshit.

    By both mass and numbers bacteria is the dominant life force on the planet.

    Whats the use of even consciousness if anything complex just ends up mutating out of existance.

    In terms of a species lasting, simplicity is the evolutionary advantage, not complexity.

    In 100 million years, there will still be bacteria, there wont be any homosapiens
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    And you don't need all that if you can simply fly fly away. :p
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    I was going to say "I would rather have wings than three horns growing out of my head" but...that's a tough one.
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    "We are the universe made conscious trying to understand itself"
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    Birds fly, over thousands of miles, to warmer climates before the chill sets in.
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    The temporary hypothesis they are using is that something wiped out 90% of species roughly 200,000 years ago, just as a meteor is believed to have wiped out the dinosaurs. With modern technology, they finally gained the ability to use handheld dna analyzers and collect samples from every species imaginable. All the samples indicated that the genetic diversity among most species is about the same. This was a surprise, although they have known for many years that humans are particularly inbred and came close to extinction around the same time.

    Some people claim humanity and all of life exist merely to provide hosts for viruses, but my own belief is that it is the complexity and resultant emergent effects contained within the evolving information itself that is the driving force. Energy and information, you could say, want to become self-aware, want to evolve, because we cannot really imagine a universe where it could be any different. Being a singularity, the laws of nature reflect our mortal fallibility and limitations.
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    Another thread contains references related to this concept.

    New Physics Theory That May Explain The Origin Of Life
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    This is definitely related, but they focus on entropy alone using a classical approach that is self-defeating. Open systems is just another synonym for a greater or unknown context, and they are failing to describe thermodynamics in terms of yin-yang. However, the insights they give into how entropy is maximized during cascade effects; is something I can translate into metaphoric logic instead. A cascade effect is like a landslide or gravitational acceleration, and nonlinear effects in general. A cosmic whirlpool being described by the Schrodinger equation, means it must also be capable of describing cascade effects and nonlinear temporal dynamics in general. However, sorting all that out could take time, while I am hoping to use shortcuts to sorting all this stuff. Metaphorically speaking, our dreams create our reality, and heat reflects the ongoing interchange between reality and the dream, where information transforms into energy and vice versa.

    All the entropy of the universe constantly expanding, reflects the dream on the largest scales, and the reality on the smallest. Entropy expanding becomes part of the background of life, while our minds and brains focus our attention in the same way our eyes do, allowing us to control the entropy in our local environment by ceasing to make distinctions between who we are and what we are doing, or deliberately doing the opposite and focusing in on whatever makes more sense. Its your choice to live the dream or demand an explanation, but the more you struggle to live your dream or perceive reality, the more they transform into one another. Wishing reality would go away is not helpful, but neither is becoming afraid of the light, unless they serve some greater purpose in more inclusive contexts.

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