local medicine --- faraway lies --- space for the cosmos
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  1. the wind of the culling distant shore
    winding the jackdaws and the d'ream-sayings

    against the backdrop, and the cave
    full of kites, hammers and bikes

    the lemon spool of yarn
    salting a drop of ice

    i am thirsty for this life
    full of strife, bloodpool, days of orange

    the launch rocket motif
    campaign of posters, quotes from famous boxers

    hard-hitting and what hits hard every chance
    to find the openings in the corner, at the market

    with newspapers burning oil
    and oiling eyes, eyeling oily burning eyes

    they will look to the bright future bright
    and future as bright as these eyes wide open

    clear from blue, and cleared from night
    no obsidian or mirror, no open light or mirrored light

    broken clean and straight clean
    no fretting or worry, just open light
  2. Sunset Painting from my Sunset Porch
    Set Sail for the Bermudan Crowd
    Parlez Vous Ma Femme, Parlez Vous
    Dit moi, Que est ce'est Que Que est ce'est Quoi

    Set your Prettly Little Ass on My Table
    Let me Draw you in My Eyes
    In the World Let Me Draw You
    Allez Vous Avec Moi, Comme Ca

    Pour My Body a Drink, Oh My Soul
    Fill Me Up, Fill Me Full, Fill Me Whole
    As the Ghostly Light of the Evening, long and dimcast
    Comme Ca Va, la lumiere blu ombre et rouge visage,
    Allez Vous Ma Femme
  3. Your Body of Clay, wet with Blue and Haze
    Hazy BlueBirds flying up the Chimney Flue

    Mist in your Body and Mist in Your Soul
    Mist on the hil where the Rocks Stroll

    Sisyphus roll and Sisyphus Drum
    A thoushand times or more a Mercurial Hum

    DO IT AGAIN:, in fervour call for More
    IN EVERY SEASON:, a Task and a Chore

    A little Incantation for the sp[irt of Man
    NOah embarked like a Shephered: Japeth. Shem. Ham

    Xenophon rang with Keno, Yet Not with a Chair
    Darn that Dream and Damn their Despair

    Imbue the electirl light: Yet not the Vessel
    You canb Still Dig for dolams and Dig for the Mussels
  4. In the 2nd round Foreman plugged his victim with an innocent punch
    while looking forward to after-the-fight, he'd be drinking a Daquiri

    Then head out on his yacht straight for Gastonbury
    Singing Vespers to the Muse and Mad at the Furies

    Humming like a bumblebee and stinging like a Bird
    Painting his elephants in Dali Frisco

    Pointillist nightmare spread his Vixen into a Pixie
    Gratefully acid
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  5. druid princess in austin, so naked and provocative
    waiting for a foolin ship of mercenaries and street-junkies
    and a fool ship shippin' fools for the longcount count of longships

    a druid fool captainin' counts of longcalls mayan or aztec
    pomegranate avid avocado throes and monkey keys
    terrible real estate on jupiters' moons

    composers of symphonies avoiding the voided notes and voted vox and vortex
    gaffed and jarred or cudgeled all around the stars of scorpio
    till townes van sandt threw down his axe, how it stung

    recording the loons of prine on vinyl is being vinyled on a road of dirt
    and the tall trees pine in the park and with donnie darko's dark staying dark
    as a cellar door creeping creepily on its rusto hinges
    my girl you slept with me last night, as I resisted your titties

    with patty griffin barkin at the bark of the pine
    and the moon pinin' patsy cline patsied like a patsy
    hummin ole faithful and moxie, night at the roxy after snorting lower-tabs
    sweet home alabama and sweet pie bliss

    i thought of the old cuts new and the wood bark blue
    the soft white pine and the whole milk vine
    the green night soft and the pine needles on her back when i picked her up
  6. two 'decent' poems

    Glenn Joh,n
    A Tribute to Arthur C. Clarke

    Childhood's End began with the Apollo Mission
    Skipping on the moon was not play
    The stuff of boyhood dreams for everyone to see
    It was star-runners measuring mans foothold in waking eternity

    Stepping out amidst planets and moons
    was akin to rebellion against parents, but not against God
    Like a first date to the Drive-In
    And Afterwards there was nothing to see but the full moon

    And the Full Moon promised in the sky
    A Hope of Better Worlds
    For on this One, at the Dawn of the New Man
    Fear was still marketed as a commodity

    What we needed most was a grasp
    of what anti-gravity felt like....what it meant
    A sixth of the gravity to hold us down, keep us bound
    Material and Resource Lifted at 1/6th the Cost

    A new campaign - a new billboard
    Electric Cars were already performing
    And Hydrogen powered mobiles expected
    Clean out the Atmosphere with Technology

    I kept driving on without fear
    Knowing that those warheads would have to come down
    to fund my projects
  7. the spirit passes through different prisms in different ways
    a drop of candlelight, veiled and cloistered with Newtonian arrow
    or the yawn of genius, awakened to some dawning epiphany
    when the night has been so long and full of toil
    that memory forgets its dark claims, its nocturnal truth

    when the long shadow of your soul awakens
    you come alive to yourself and no one else
    and unexpectedly, it feels alight

    through amnesia the voice of musing
    the hard constant driving truth of diesel, coal, oak or bone
    that never stops, never is false or falsely humored

    allen ginsberg may have despaired once, feeling that he had not despaired enough
    looking at the face of the ghetto and the weary nights false
    the false chaps, the chapped lips, the ghetto bumps

    given over to decay and nonexistent rhyme
    with broken, candy teeth, danish conspiracy
    disdainful and without irony
    perhaps he hadn't read the beat-wax poets on time
    or felt falsely primed by their hot hips and cudgeled bums
    or he just couldn't get enough before his time

    with saul bellow or jellyrumps weinstein rumpin' bump-melody
    django falls nightly into bluejzz sleep and riff-raff gin
    hellbent on playing the coltrane tune and pursed-lip nosering gaff
    what never suaves the lips or drycane hairgel travolta
    selling out installments and streetsign boredom
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  8. the new hematite domes won't do it
    even graffiti on the red-brick igloos
    keeping out the cold carbon dioxide
    so thin the desolate air
    and acetylene from titan
    is no godly diversion
    for power requirements
    the alien ships providing vented Venetian clouds
    in secret
    for the old world order
    to remain
  9. cybernetic philosophers
    full of immediate needs
    because they are dying from the program
    the uranium, polar site
    had made him do it
    take care of your buddhist doubt
    unplug yourself from this doubtful world
    with absolutely nothing
    to believe or manifest
    as real, beyond the nuclear clouds
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  10. break from this tornadoe rib
    fashion from it something divine
    or sublime
    perhaps the crushed laugh of perfection

    a swedish love song
    or a pole in love with a strip dancers leg-honey
    the money
    gone so easily
    yet not wasted or wasseled
    grab your balls and howl at the wedding
    a stones throw from Europa
  11. The love I meant
    went to this umbrella
    Umbrella of brillo, asperdine and amphetamine
    gutteral noises,
    desperate fantasies
    where is my coonskin cap, my unholy longing
    my body vanished
    shuttle cock and poppy seed
    adventures unvanished
  12. Like Salt-Water.... Joe

    like salt water joe cutting up the Sun
    with Hardened Hands he hollers for the Craw
    Jackelyn Shandy holding Jack-hammers Up in the light
    Peace of mind to be fed something like a metaphor
    Cash change when you realize how longe we been here
    Refining these shadows behind the electrical Structure of the Brain

    I would posit a harp for wailing chromium blues, a drop in the bucket, a kicking can,
    a guttural whisper---or from the gutter the kicked can kicks up against the skycan

    Sell, sell, sell
    Why buy when you aint got nothing to gamble it on
    Nobody running anymore -- Just Boxing

    "I care about things that matter"
    She said with frollicking haste

    My wet eyes, my sharp soul, the trust of years
    Programmed for Fuck
    or long nights Alone
    Not Fried or Shucked (at least 3 months before the Indigo riots)

    Spontaneously Deliver what was in the wings all along

    It could have been Gods loneliest fool bartering an exchange of playwrites
    Or Hipparchus holding up his Astrolabe at sunrise
    The Redwood trees were planted by an ORACLE
    And grew through
    A Thousand Summers and Thrash

    Oh where was the Stash of Rum and the hidden follies of opium??/-
  13. There is an order of angels
    that men barely recognize
    only for their nakedness
    their long betrayal of trust
    their boomerang shocks

    Always getting hit from the outside
    just beyond the perimeter
    or drinking punch
    anything for their brother

    A crowd of shocked troops
    beat down from bottom to top
    and ghetto-fitted
    or cream filled
    with chisel sets in their
    big spanking huts or raw noise chips flying

    Banging out some new version of eternity
    aiml3ess junk
    shrines to unknown gods
  14. ??
    cadences of mth
    the hoot of the owl's tax
    the beak peaking the hot shrou?d
  15. This ladytree Skirted by the Wind
    or perhaps...........unskirted, since her Skirt I hold in my Hand
    to remember her young Growth from the forgotten land
    when Queens were lost to the sand
    but now
    as the new sprig from her desert grows
    they would rightly hope only
    for a draught from her untamed stem

    to trade the root for the limb
    and the ground for the Skye
  16. a whirlwhind on tap menacing streets and towns
    fishmongers leering the fish markets and the fish growers
    a carping husky chomping at the icemans bit
    sledding skates, shoeing horns and humping poles

    dancing bears, waltzing polkas with leopold
    heading icicles and kodiak waste
    whimsy at the dawn or the lunar melody
    traotskyite roulette, black russians, heady persuasion and paleontology

    are rivers ice made of bleeding mountains
    is a laugh a scorn of judgement
    against the fleeting reality of the wagon
    imported bigelow habitats spacing moons

    or gravity checks not profound, yet suyrreal
    the 8 TRACK PLAYER you can only play once
    not because the glue is adhesive or sapphire
    there are so fucking many

    from the heat to the layer the species twining thread and dreams
    that the rabbi blessed
    the plasma was falsely claimed by prometheus
    the hybrid sun, falling into the orb of her breathless eyes
  17. Your Smile Feathered my Moon-Eyes

    Perhaps it was an African Moon, my eyes misting the clouds
    of the heightened slopes steep and hidden
    from Hadley's Rille ridged to the Fra Mauro
    like the Snows of Kilimanjaro
    with Spring vermouth
    Your raspberry lips affectionate
    and haunted like a cheap wine

    First Opened on the meadow beneath the snowfields
    Where the milk of melted snows
    turned into rivers
    I opened the cinnamon tincture to turn you into a Flower
    and caused your heart to blossom promise
    true to the One; And, the Many
    turned against you with your Beauty Against
    All possibility of Hopes to grow something new

    Across the fields the wind crept up and lifted the hot Sage
    Currying such sweet smells that we could not belIEVE
    would last Except for the Nutmeg
    to go with your morning liquor
    And the Scent of Life to trace, the promise.....
    you could not help but keep
    But keep your promise to me looking above into the Sky
    for Mysteries
    And then below
    into the Valley
    where the Quiet Villagers Keep
    The light that was given to them
    By Prometheus Our Brother
  18. [background=rgb(252,252,255)]how long has it been deer brother
    [background=rgb(252,252,255)]since you've been hunted this way
    [background=rgb(252,252,255)]through the eye of beauty
    [background=rgb(252,252,255)]and the chill of night

    [background=rgb(252,252,255)]breathing icicle vapours
    [background=rgb(252,252,255)]mists of cold and damp
    [background=rgb(252,252,255)]inhaling your own kind
    [background=rgb(252,252,255)]waiting with the hushed trace
    [background=rgb(252,252,255)]of the peering elven lords
    [background=rgb(252,252,255)]jealous of their trees

    [background=rgb(252,252,255)]couldn't you have bowed your wood to aim at orion
    [background=rgb(252,252,255)]instead of these hollered trees damned
    [background=rgb(252,252,255)]with their earthen hues
    [background=rgb(252,252,255)]their natural judgment
    [background=rgb(252,252,255)]so proud the stern pride of oak
    [background=rgb(252,252,255)]yet now the love has been split into three

    [background=rgb(252,252,255)]like telling the difference between alderaan and a tree of maple
    [background=rgb(252,252,255)]tracking fiction from science and nightengale from the stars
    [background=rgb(252,252,255)]the joining of sap with or by sap-lovers
    [background=rgb(252,252,255)]the blind gatherer of plums from an ancient orchard
    [background=rgb(252,252,255)]wearing his vest on his sleeve and harrowing apricot moons

    [background=rgb(252,252,255)]it is really only a matter of incantation, to shift the pull of the
    [background=rgb(252,252,255)]earth against her belly--and away from the rubidium night
  19. The pleasure of inevitable victory under the cloud-ripped Sky
    gleaming......the Eye of zeus
    no longer anxious to inspect the splitting void of expectant Mercury

    Setting the ways of anthropocentric man
    holographed and mezmerized by new dispelling spells
    de-mything myths, unmythizable
    or anthropomorphic
    and shielded no more
    by his ray-splitting burden
    signalled by the fire
    on shields of bronze

    A punk-canvas and relief
    relief of the burden
    and relieved by the burden
    a load of toxins and thorns, bristle and fence
    worked against the great canopy of the gods
    through vacant worry, aching body and stretchless anxiety
    the songless sparrow offers his sweet parody of song

    his mockery
    just as the mockingbird, in relief of morning
    and with morning song
    mocks those birds
    who've forgotten to sing
    the golden finch
    finching some new melody of pinched flowers

    "Go Now, the Victory is Ours!" He finches or parodies
    "Hunger No More!" He quails. "The Bread of the Lord has fallen
    from all fears."

    You were right to claim the victory.
    Now and forevermore.
    Lest Nevermore, be the black flight of the Raven, blotting out the
    And our rightful Forevermore.

    Parting ways with the Blackbirds Blue
    and the swords that hue
    "Go from this Wasteland. This tragic heap of remorse. Or even worse.
    A Remorseless Mule you Shall Be."

    There shall be no tragedies on the moon.
    or tragedies few

    Returning from battle with your shield in hand
    Set it next your spear and indelible hand
    Sew new sprigs on the moon or the State of Mars
    Grip this peace with my song in your Ear
    Chanting the future as it beats at the Drum.
  20. The Sunray spilled your heart into the river
    waterine and spindly like the moss covering your silver eyes

    The Cat cries in the wilderness and the Blue Moon is haunted
    by your moaning love

    Love unlikely as a New Star Falling when even darkness collapses your lips
    incandescent and Crystal, like crystal k, and a chandelier colliding with the Night

    How could you not hear the cry of the wind - the whisper of tree
    moaning whispers of your name

    Savannah Blue

    I thought you were traipsing-about in the radiant light of the morning, casting
    dew-stripped glances and ghetto aspersions at the madding crowd

    of nightengales and maybe owls

    Owling any spirit that moves towards your Still Death Eyes
    flickering in the shadows, the moths drawn on by the vapour of your breathe

    Your Rosebreathe or Death Candy filled with Arsenic and Lemondrop
    Fixed in Your Heartless Stare: they burn away