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  1. The royal family and every sycophantic follower and hanger-on make me sick to the back teeth! Like they're fucking interested in the welfare of their "subjects" or what is going on politically, socially or morally in their realm.
    The old, racist, misogynistic and down right rude husband of the queen has had a problem with his hip for the past month, past month for fuck sake, so he is taken into hospital and given a hip replacement. People are waiting so long in his beloved adopted country for replacements that they die before their turn comes up or at the very least left house bound for months before being treated. Not only that, once finding themselves at the top of the list they may have their surgery cancelled on numerous occasions because of, take your pick, staff shortages, flu epidemic taking up all beds, no orthopaedic surgeon available because something more urgent requiring his/her attention etc. etc. etc.
    I mentioned the prince philip thing to someone who I thought was quite aware of the inequality in this country to be met with this response "but it is being done in a private hospital"
    What the fuck!!!!!! We pay all the royals expenses, so it doesn't matter where the fuck the surgery is happening or who the fuck is doing it, we, the tax payer, are footing the bill!
  2. I had builders coming to the house to do quite a lot of work so me, partner and dog decided to fuck off for a while. Rented a beach house up the eat coast a bit and took off to beachcomb and at least see some seals and dolphins.
    The whole fucking time we were there the weather was atrocious! Winds that caused 20 foot waves, snow, hail and unfortunately no opportunity to do anything except sit inside and discuss whose fucking idea was this anyway! At least it was warm and there was a tele. Let's be thankful for small mercies and all that. The dog, who loves outside, took to making her way back to the house the minute she had pissed or shat. In all of her 6 years she has never, ever, felt the need to sneak off home because of the conditions. For fuck sake she has just survived a period of going out in snow that was deeper than her without batting an eyelid!
    Came home via daughter's house just to find them all totally floored with a cold/flu virussy thing and no fun at all. At least arriving at other daughter's she had the good grace to feed and water us.
    Back home, workers were clearly days away from finishing, and we had no option but to go for supplies and learn to hold our urine for countless hours at a time. When we did have use of the toilet it was with buckets of water and clear instructions not to move whilst doing whatever because nothing was fixed in place as yet.
    Thankfully now we have a liveable in home but will be cleaning dust for the forseable future. We do have new heating, new bathroom and a lowered ceiling in the livingroom though.
  3. Well it's been a while since I even mentioned the problem that has now been dragging on for 18 months. When I last saw my surgeon I was having a particularly good spell so we decided that it would be good to wait 6 months before discussing any further intervention and to see how much more improvement could be attained. Well! Sod's law dictates that I had hardly left the building (slight exaggeration) and the shit hit the fan or in other terms it all went tits up!
    Clearly the main, and in the surgeon's mind most serious, problem is fixed but the most debilitating problem is leading the life of Reilly. My knee still collapses, I still fall down and am not sure from day to day what will transpire.
    It is much better. I do have days at a time when it all goes to plan and the biggest thing is that if my knee does collapse it can function again in a relatively short time. Thankfully the days of it locking in a bent position and taking hours to straighten appear to have gone. I am also walking fairly normally with no cane or crutches most of the time so...............yeah.......................onwards and upwards as they say!
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  4. My children defy belief sometimes:
    Firstly: my eldest daughter ( aged over 40 with adult children and a partner by the way) phoned here at 10.30 pm Saturday 23rd December. Her and a friend had apparently been out for the evening, decided to catch the train home. They were clearly a little bit tipsy, missed their stop(fuck knows how) and had to get off at the next stop on the line which is a small town about 3 miles away. S, the friend, had broken her shoe,was having difficulty walking so J, the daughter, phoned her father to come and get her.
    Where was her husband or sons? Why the fuck could they not walk the relatively short, well lit road?
    Fuck knows, but the really hilarious but also sad fact is that D, my husband, said he couldn't come because he had had a beer. A lie, but fair enough, under the circumstances you think. But what does he do? Goes and opens a can of beer just in case they catch a cab, get dropped off here and he is caught out in a lie.
    Secondly: Sunday 31st December. Other daughter lives in the city quite far away so we decide to visit and stay over. The weather is appalling: so much so that the bridge over the water is closed because of high winds. I phone to say that we may be delayed and may also have to double back and go round the other way which will take another hour. No probs says she but can you stop off and pick up snacks for this evening? I would rather not get dressed to go out in this weather! WTF!!!!
    Anyway we get there, with the snacks, I should add.
    Later on in the day I noticed that N, partner of daughter, has taken what he thinks is the best of the goodies we brought and put then in the kitchen cupboards with the clear intention of keeping them for when we have gone home!
    Being me, and taking no prisoners, I'm like WTF and rescued them so everyone could enjoy!
    Thank fuck that these cunts are all back to work this week sometime and they can get back to forgetting that we exist unless they want/need something!
    Remind me again why I left the relative peace of a previous existence to come back to this shit :D
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  5. Well, well, well!
    I thought that I was writing in this section of forums just to amuse myself when there was nothing much happening in general forums to capture my interest or imagination.
    Clearly I was not firing on all cylinders in the brain department because when the latest version of the site came back online my first thought was "where the fuck is my blog?".
    So! Maybe I will give a little more thought to my intentions here:
    am I writing to amuse myself?
    am I writing to publically state an opinion on something dear to my heart?
    am I writing in the hope that others will get a better idea of who I am?
    Maybe all of the above!
    Maybe none of the above!
    It doesn't really matter I am anyway!
  6. Why, oh why I am I so fucking pissed at other people's attitude to things like politics, sexual orientation, colour etc. I know full well that there are many factors that colour opinion, but regardless of upbringing, social and financial situation, individual experience etc. it does not take a rocket scientist to realise that with a wee bit of thinking it is clear to see that we are all human beings, we are all citizens of the world, we are are all deserving of respect unless our actions, thoughts or vocalisations make that we lose that respect.

    We can all think before we speak or act in a manner that could be offensive to others. Would anyone refuse help in a difficult or life threatening situation just because the rescuer was of a different colour or of a different sexual or political persuasion? I don't fucking think so!

    So please keep that thought in mind in everyday life dealings!
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  7. What the fuck!
    This has got to be the most ridiculous thing that has been brought to my attention for a long time!

    Apparently, those who have too much money and time on their hands have taken to this new craze. It involves hiring a "specialist" or going to a clinic where, depending on your lifestyle, diet etc. a tailor made cocktail of vitamins will be given via an IV while you sit and relax. Obviously with a glass of your prefered beverage.

    Get a life people! You get all the vitamins you need in a healthy diet!

    Would you be so keen to take a leap off of a tall building if it was suddenly "the thing to do"? Probably, if it cost the right obscene amount of money to participate and clearly if one could be seen doing it! Bragging rights and all that!

    Why do people buy into all this shit?
    Why, if you are rich and/or privileged do you need to continually flaunt it?
    Why do "normal" people feel the need to emulate these idiots?

    Answers anyone?
  8. The more I see I this "must have life" the more I despair for the human race. There are certain trends that just exploit people's need to be seen to be following the pack. This is just a couple of examples that I don't really understand nor wish to.

    I know they have been around for a while but what really really fucking pisses me off is my almost inability to purchase a regular cup of coffee.
    I do not want to go into a "coffee shop".
    I do not want to be faced with a menu board covering a whole wall!
    I do not want to spend a days wages on a cup of coffee! (ok slight exaggeration)
    And what the fuck is a skinny latte with a shot of tonka (or whatever) anyway!!!!!

    What about sushi!
    What about fucking sushi.
    It's raw fish for fuck sake. Even I can wrap a piece of fish round some sticky (overcooked)rice so why the need to go to a sushi bar!
    A fucking sushi bar!!!!!
    Lets all sit at a counter and wait for our prefered dish to appear! Or even better lets all sit at a counter and get a chef to cut the fish while we watch.
    Lets all pay a weeks wages to eat a couple of pieces of raw fish with a few embellishments.
    They don't even have the expense of cooking the fuckers!

    I know that no matter how much money I have, I have had, or will have, I will never ever, ever buy into the bullshit that passes for modern life for some sad misinformed people!
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  9. Hahaha!

    Got my mojo back! Forgot how much I enjoyed participating in this site!

    Where else can you discuss the importance of choosing a place to live that will be inviting to "hippies", to dress or not to dress to go to bed, why you can't multi-task whilst participating in scintillating discussions and most importantly (in my case anyway) the myriad of way that you can imply "fuck off" without actually use those words. I keep those for my "special" friends ;)

    Well that's pretty much all I have to say today. Other fish to fry as they say. Real world to enter into and participate in

    Hasta luego peeps!
  10. Wow!
    Today our house smells like Xmas.
    I'm cooking some apples,blackberries with cloves, nutmeg, ginger and cinnamon. The intention was to cool them and put them straight into the freezer. No way man. Too inviting, so gonna make custard to serve with them for today's pudding. It's pretty cold outside so making some mulled wine as well with half a bottle of Chilean Merlot that is kicking about.
    Nothing special there except that after very unsuccessful knee surgery 13 months ago I am finally actually able to function on some level without the aid of a brace or crutches.
    I don't think for one minute that I am "sorted" but..............yeah......................right now it's all good.
    Have an MRI scheduled for this Saturday, hopefully meeting with surgeon shortly and a decision will be made regarding further intervention.
    You have no fucking idea how awful it has been to go from a fully functioning walking and cycling everywhere person to a sometimes unable to do anything kind of person!
    Anyway enough of that shit (just a wee bit of a self pity fest for a moment there) and off I go back to the kitchen [​IMG]