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  1. It's been snowing where i live and of course I'm still going barefoot. I had some people call the police to see if i needed help. But when the police asked me i said no I'm always barefoot and they said that there where some people that called and one of the officers knows me and he said this guy is always barefoot. We talked about how i started going barefoot and they said ok and i finished my walk and went home and that was a ok day for the rest of they day people always look at me like I'm crazy when I'm walking around barefoot in the winter. Will everybody keep barefooting.
  2. Hi everybody today i went to see a friend that is in the hospital. And yes i went barefoot. I had a woman ask if i needed help . I said no I'm here to see a friend. She ask for his last name i gave it to her she told me and gave me the room number. I said thank you and she said you're welcome and she also said that she likes my toe ring. I said thank you and is it ok to be barefoot in the hospital and there rooms barefoot. She said yes it's a little odd to see anyone bare foot this time of the year and it's really cold. I told her I'm barefoot all year around and it feels great. So i went up to see my friend . It was great to see my friend and even my friend said and you're barefoot i said like always. Then the doctor comes in they talk and the doctor tells my friend when he will go home and all this time the doctor is looking at my bare feet. Before he leaves he ask me if I'm ok i said yes i know you see me barefoot and you want to make sure I'm ok not crazy. The doctor said something like that . i told him I'm a full time barefooter I never wear shoes or sock i go barefoot everywhere i camp fish ride and drive barefoot.. He said that's great he is a fellow barefooter to until it gets to cold for him. But he was telling me and my friend that being barefoot is really healthy and that everybody should go barefoot more and they wont have foot problems. Be said when be gets a chance to go barefoot at work he does and that be doesn't wear socks. Because the socks get snag on his anklets. I said i just never like shoes or socks. The doctor said tbat he was sorry for starring at my bare feet he said that at least i keep my bare feet nice even those the bottoms are jet black the way they should be for someone that walks barefoot like i do and he said he likes my toes ring and anklet i said that's. The doctor said if anybody says anything about your bare feet and that you have to wear shoes tell them to call him. And we talk about the places w go barefoot and how people treat barefooters . Then he had to finish his rounds. That's is twice that a doctor is looking at my bare feet and he likes to be barefoot to but not at work . I think if the doctor and his staff want to be barefoot they should just as long as they keep there barefeet nice like get a pedicure once a month . I think if you are going to be barefoot in public you must keep your barefeet looking nice and your nails cut and clean or painred nice i get a pedicure once a month and i always have someone looking at my bare feet l love when people look at my bare feet and say how nice my bare feet look .. Will everybody keep barefooting.
  3. Yesterday i was working in the yard raking more leave and setting up the patio heater evern in the winter i like to bbq and with the heater takes the edge of the cold weather off. And i was barefoot as i was doing that . I had a neighbor stop and ask if i was ok i said yes he said it's to cold to be barefoot. I said no I'm a full time barefooter. And he said oh wow so I'm i he came around to the front of the gate and yes he was barefoot. He ask how long i been going barefoot i told him over 25years. He was wowed he was told by other neighbor's that he was not the only one that goes barefoot . They told him I'm barefoot all year around. And when he saw me he want to see for him self . And we talk he ask if he could help i said yes and so we finished raking the leave and and some other stuff and i ask him if needed help so i went to his house and help him . It's nice to see a fellow barefooter and he keep telling me that i have great looking toes and my toe ring looks good on me. I said that and told him i like the color of your toes nail polish it look great . And it really does look good on him. It started to rain and we where out in the rain barefoot other neighbor's saw us and you know how people talk .Maybe more people will go barefoot in there yard more. Today the new barefoot neighbor want to go and get a toe ring and he ask if i would go and help him pick one out i said ok. We know people are going to look at us and think we are crazy to be barefoot in 30 degrees but that's our lifestyle. Everybody keep barefooting.
  4. Hi everybody today i had a friend call and ask what i qas doing and if i would like to have dinner at his place. I said yes and he asked if i will be barefoot i said like always he said good . He has a footfebish and he loves bare feet men and women. And he loves looking at my bare feet. He likes to rud my bare feet .Will when i got their he opended the door and said hi and he said nices toes. So we talked and ate and after we ate he askes me a question that i never had anyone ask before. I have had people ask me to suck my toes and rub my bare feet both men and women ask me more men then women. Will after dinner he asked if he could put gravey on my bare feet and lick the gravey off of my bare feet. I said really he said yes i asked him why he said he always wanted to suck gravey off of my toes . I said will it be warm gravey he said yes so i said ok and wow it felt good and when he suck my toes it felt great . And he just keeped licking and putting more gravey on my bare feet and he lick all the gravey off of my bare feet. He didn't care if they where dirty . So after all that we talked and then i left it was a night that i will not forget . I'm wondering if anyone has had something like that asked and done to them. I like to suck toes and shot cum all over someone toes and then lick my cum off of their toes. Will everybody keep barefooting .
  5. Hi everyone here in Utah it's been cold the morning's. Like in the high 20s and the day's are in the 40's and50s. And I'm the only one in a coat and in bare feet. I get a lot of looks and a lot of questions and i answer them. People think I'm crazy and they tell me that sooner or later i will lose a toe. Buti have been going barefoot for over 28 years i don't wear shoes or socks and i go everywhere barefoot stores Resturant and movies barefoot. And i love seeing the bottoms of my bare feet jet black it just says that I'm a full time barefooter. I do feel my bare feet get cool not cold and when I'm in the snow barefoot my feet get a little cooler. Like right now it's 27 degrees this morning and I'm at a gas station putting gas in and a gateraid. And the cashier is looking at me like I'm crazy being barefoot when it's is this cold but it feels cool not cold. She is asking questions and their are some other customers and they are saying things and some are a little harsh . There is a guy saying real men wear boots they do not go barefoot. I just said will real men do what they want to wear shoes or go barefoot. Wow i can't believe that guy's get upset because they see another man barefoot and is out in public barefoot. But i also told him it's my lifestyle and I'm not hurting anybody. And I'm not forcing anybody to look or go barefoot . The cashier said she wish that she could be barefoot at work she said her feet would not hurt if she was barefoot. And i agree with her . Will everybody keep barefooting. And i told the cashier about this website and she should check it out. I said good bye and she said that i can come in anytime barefoot and talk with her about barefooting ( she is the manager of the gas station. I said i would not say the name of the places where she work's.