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  1. Today I'm walking a trail that i always walk barefoot. And i love getting my bare feet black as i can. I have people always looking at my bare feet and i like that .And sometimes people ask me if the ground is to hot and i tell them no but my bare feet are use to it. And the blacker my bare feet the better . i have people just walk on my side just to look at my bare feet and at my toe ring and anklet. I get a lot of looks from the women and a lot of questions from them. How long have i been walking barefoot and if i only go barefoot in the summer . And i tell them I'm barefoot all year around they can't believe it i said if you walk this trail in the winter you will see me walking it barefoot. All they say is wow. Will everybody keep barefooting and getting your bare feet black
  2. Today is a hot day 102 degrees and i have people ask me if i have feeling in my bare feet i said yes i listen to my bare feet and when it's to hot i stop and wait forit to cold down in the 90's. But today i went for a walk and at 6 a.m. it was in the 80's and there was only two car's so i went and started walking and as i saw a person a way from me and then he was gone . I keep walking and then i just looked in the tree's and the guy was but naked. And i said sorry i didn't mean to see you i have walked back there but the ground has a lot of goat head thrones . My bare feet are tought and they come out of my bare feet easy. So he said if i could help him get out of there and help him pull the thrones out of his bar feet . And i said yes i love to look at others bare feet. So i help him and he ask if i ever walk down here naked. I said yes ones and i was alone and it suck. He ask if i would like to go naked And barefoot with him i said ok and we walked about where you can go barefoot in the trees . And i asked him is the trail to hot for his bare feet. He said yes and he didn't want to leave a trail of blood. And we walk to a place where there's a drinking fountain and he washed him bare feet and i help him and he has every nice bare feet for a guy that cuts grass all day. And he notice my anklet and toes ring and he ask if i was married or seeing anyone and i said no and it's hard to find someone that is good with there partner going barefoot all year around. And being naked sometimes naked i said what man or woman would want to be with someone like me. He said it's not easy is it i said no it's not and i have tried and some of the guy's said that i go barefoot more then a girl. I said that's my lifestyle and i should not have to change my lifestyle. And yes i do like both men and women. But i even have some girl's say that i really do go a lot and yes all year around even in the snow. So we finish our walk and got in our cars and left i just had to remember to close my garage door before i get out of the truck because i was still naked. Will everybody keep barefooting
  3. Today was a hot day and the cement was hot and i had a lot of people asking me if i can feel the heat on my bare feet. And i said yes but not as much as some people would feel. My bottoms of my bare feet are strong and it's a little hard to feel heat and the cold but i love going barefoot to where it's my lifestyle and it's a great lifestyle. And this year I'm seeing more people going barefoot and enjoying going barefoot. And a couple at Wal-Mart today ask me about the heat and if i have ever burn the bottoms of my bare feet. I said yes but i didn't know until someone told me that i had blisters on my bare feet. And when i look at them yes i did burn them but i notice that the burn skin got real tough and i can handle more extreme temperature. And the only thing that i like the most is that i don't have tan lines like other women and mens feet that i notice. I do have a tan line from my anklet and if i wear my toe ring i will get a tan line on my toe. But if i remove my toe ring for a day the tan line goes away. But i love when people look at my bare feet and some of the people that are looking at my say that i have really nice bare feet for a guy. And some people say that men shouldn't be barefoot all the time . When they ask me why I'm barefoot i tell them that i feel connected to the earth and i notice that my bare feet have gotten stronger and my balance is great. And when i go hiking or fishing and camping and hunting it feels great. But the greatest fun is getting my bare feet as black as i can get them. And i love hearing people say wow that guy's bare feet the bottoms are jet black and that's a turn on. And i love it the blacker the better. But my bare feet are stained it's hard to get them clean but i really like to keep my bare feet black. So i even had my Doctor say wow your bare feet are always black as can be . And it's nice to have a Doctor that is great and he doesn't mind me being barefoot in his office. Will everybody keep barefooting.
  4. Today was a good day to be barefoot i went to put gas in my truck and it was a little warm it was in the 70's degrees and as i was looking around i saw a lady filling her tank and she was barefoot and the guy in front of me was also barefoot. The guy came up to me and said he was happy the he was not the only one barefoot at the gas station. I said no there's you , me and one lady that are completely barefoot. He said wow and i said I'm barefoot 24/7 all year around even in the snow he said wow don't your feet freez i said no i have been barefoot for over 25years and he said i bet you have saved a lot of money not buying socks and shoes i said yes . The only thing i get for my bare feet is a pedicure every month . I like to have my bare feet looking as good as they can when people see me they always look at my bare feet. And like love when they say you have great looking toes for a guy. And he even said that i have great looking feet for a guy. And i ask how did he know i was completely barefoot he said the bottoms of your bare feet are black just like the blacktop on the road. I smiled and said thanks he said he love to see bare feet as dirty and as black as people can get there's black and he loves his bare feet black also and his wife loves getting hers as black as he can . The ask after i get done filling up if i would like to go to lunch i said yes and we went to McDonald's and we both where barefoot and as we were waiting for our food we talked about how we started going barefoot and how long has it been ever since we had to put shoes on . And where we couldn't going in to a place that did not let us in barefoot. After all the time talking and looking at our bare feet we both had to go and finish what we had left to do and we exchanged cell number and both of us went on about our day . It was great to see more and more people going barefoot and enjoying going barefoot. Will everybody keep barefooting.
  5. Today i cut my lawn and my bare feet turned green and that is on top of every black bottoms of my bare feet. Then vacuum out my truck and then went to Walgreens snd all of that really got my feet really black the way they should be. I really love how black my bare feet get. And blacker the better. Even i wash my bare feet the bottoms really don't get clean . And I'm ok with it I'm just going to get them black again and that's the fun part. Everybody keep barefooting
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  6. Will today i had to go to the post office and of course i was barefoot. I walk in and i was waiting for someone to tell me that i needed shoes to be in the post office. But no one said a word about have shoes. The lady that was working there i know she saw my bare feet. And as she was helping the lady in front of me i notice that she was looking at my bare feet and i was thinking ok here we go she is going to say where are your shoes? But no she didn't all she said was she wish she could go barefoot at work. And she ask me if the bottoms are black i said i don't know but i hope so the blacker the better and she said yes that means you're always barefoot never wearing shoes. There was no one behind me so i showed her my bare feet and she said they are really black. I said they are going to get blacker and she smiled. I took care of my mailing what i had to. And i left the next place i went to was to get propane tank filled and the guy was filling up some one elses tank i stood there waiting and the guy and his daughter looked at my bare feet and said you must have every tough feet because the ground has to be hot it was in the 90's when i had the tank filled. And even the guy that was filling the tank that guy that work's there said even in boots he can feel the rock's and it hurts his feet. I said i have been going barefoot for over25 years and i real don't feel the rock's and stuff . But not feeling the heat on my bare feet is good i know i can stand the heat to a piont. But my bottoms are so black that even washing them they are still black and i don't mind they are going to get blacker . Everyone keep barefooting.
  7. I went fishing today and it was windy as hell but there was other people there too. And of course i was barefoot i love the feel of the path i take to my fishing hole. It's black top and gravel and where i get off the trail to go to my fishing hole is dirt and patches of weeds and it feels great on my bare feet. As i was walking to the fishing hole there where some people saying that likethe fish are not bitting good today and it was only in the 60's we have a cold front comming through. And the people would look down and they would say your barefoot. And i tell them yes I'm barefoot all year around. They people that where there was men and women and kids they where wearing flip/flops and i was barefoot the way everybody should be it's healthier being barefoot and you don't have to worry about your flip / flop coming off your feet. And by the time i left my spot almost everybody had there flip/flops off and getting there bare feet dirty the way it should be.I do know my bare feet got a darker tan now. And my bare feet are not just dark but the solos of my bare feet are so black it looks like i have black sandals on but i don't. I hope everybody has a barefoot weekend and a barefoot week coming up .
  8. Today I'm going fishing and it's going to be great. I love the feel of the dirt and tge water on my bare feet. And my bare feet are going to get darker and no tan lines. Today it's catch and release. I never like wearing flip/ flops fishing or camping. There's time i even go naked fishing and camping. I do that by myself everybody that i know will not go barefoot camping or fishing or even nude. So i do it by myself. I will be leaving soon and i will wtite later about how many i got and pictures .So everyone keep barefooting.
  9. Will today is a great day for a walk on a trail that i walk on and i have been seeing others walk it barefoot. I use to be the only one but now i see more people walk barefoot. And when they see me they say thanks for truning us on to barefoot walking. Now this group of people know how fun and healthy it is and how safe it is. Because you can curl you toes around stuff to give you a extra grip andnow it's getting into the 80's and higher in temperature you can stay cool and if you come across a little stream you can go right in to it and don't worry about your shoes and sock getting wet or that you have to take them off to cross the stream. And i love to feel the mud between my toes and it does cover my toe ring but that's ok with me the dirtier my bare feet are the better that tells everyone that i love being barefoot. Everybody keep barefooting
  10. Will today i had a doctor's appointment with a new doctor and everyone told him that I'm always barefoot. And so that's how I am so i walk in everybody said hi and how i was doing . So wait to be called to go back to see the doctor and i ask the nurse how is the doctor and if i will be ok because of my bare feet. She said i think you will be ok so as i was called to go to the room and had my blood pressure and oxygen and heart rate done. The nurse ask me if i everywear flip/flops i said if i have to but i never do. And she said you will like this doctor and i ask why she said you will see. So after all that was over she left told the doctor and then he came in and to my surprise he was barefoot i was so happy to have a doctor that likes to go barefoot. So we talk about my medical history and after he ask if i had any questions all i said that it's nice to have a doctor that like to go barefoot. And i ask if me being barefoot in his office is ok he said no it great to see a someone that like going barefoot go barefoot in the doctor office. And he said that i will always be expected in his office and i did tell him that I'm always barefoot all year around he said even in the winter i said yes and he ask to see my bare feet to see how dirty the bottoms are and he said wow they are black . I said yes they are and i said the blacker the better and he said that he is the same way i said that's great. He said everyone in his family goes barefoot they really never wear shoes or socks. So i left his office and I'm every happy with my new doctor that we both love to be barefoot and i don't have to worry about being asked if i have shoes that i can put on. That is the happiest day about seeing a new doctor i have ever been about a doctor visit. So everyone keep barefooting.
  11. Today is a lot different than yesterday it's raining and it feels so good on my bare feet. I love walking in the rain and snow i had to go to Wal-Mart again to grad some little things I'm painting my kitchen and i went in there barefoot as always and i had a employee say that's smart that you're barefoot. I said wow i usely have someone tell me where are my shoes. And he said i like being barefoot myself but here at Wal-Mart they won't let me work barefoot. So ww chated and he told me he goes barefoot as much as he can and i said that's great being barefoot has a lot of good health benefits. And he told me today they had some people slip and fall because there flip/ flop . I said yes if the bottoms are wet and then you it the floor here your flip/flop will slide . And then he said to me that i have nice looking toes for a guy i said thanks and he said he wears toes rings one on each foot. I said i do wear to rings and a anklet but i took of my toe ring today to clean it i forgot to put it back on. And he ask if he could have my number i said yes gave it to him and we are going for a little hike later in our bare feet and get them really muddy i can't wait . So everybody keep barefooting.
  12. Today was a good day to be barefoot everywhere. I went to Wal-Mart barefoot and i saw two others barefoot a guy and a girl and there bottoms of there bare feet where black almost as black as mine. It was 85 degrees today and the ground was not hot at all. And after Wal-Mart and went to get a hamburger to eat and as i went in side to order i had some people look at my bare feet i was in a tee shirt and shorts and i could hear some people say that i shouldn't be in there barefoot . I even seen one of them talking to the manager about my bare feet but he said that theirs no law against being barefoot in Wendy's . And they asked him to ask me to leave and he said no i will not ask him to leave and maybe they should take there food to go instead of dinning in . So that was great to hear and then i saw a lady and her kids come in and her kids where barefoot and the kids where about 9 or 11 years old and that was great to see and as i was driving home i saw bare feet on someone's dash of someone's car . And as school was letting out for the day i saw at least 13 kids walking barefoot from school. Boys and girls i haven't seen that many kids walking home barefoot. I don't see kids walking barefoot that much but this year mite be different this year i hope they know that it's really healthy for them to go barefoot as much as they can't . Like me i was like 4 od they guy's that i knew in school that wnet to school barefoot. And the girl's there's was a lot of girl that would take off there shoes and go barefoot all day like us. I hope to see more people go barefoot this year i love looking at bare feet and i like to have my bare feet looked at to so everybody keep barefooting.
  13. Will yesterday my parents came to visit with me and stay the night because they have doctors appointments on Monday. So today they ask if i can take then but if i do i have to wear at least flip/flops. I never wear any type of shoes I'm 100%barefoot all the time . But my Dad doesn't like me going barefoot. He says that real men wear shoes not being barefoot. But my mom doesn't care she is great with my lifestyle. And so i said if i take you I'm going barefoot the doctor knows that I'm a full time barefooter and he is good with me being barefoot in the office. But my Dad said he will take them to there appointments. So i went on with my day getting paint and other things ready this week to do but today it's so windy it's hitting where i live the winds are at 60 miles per hour and I'm making sure everything is tied down and will not blow away. The winds feel great on my bare feet and at home Depot nobody said a bad thing about my bare feet. I had a employee say the she wish she could go barefoot at work she knows she would get more work done in bare feet then in shoes.I said i thought you where going to tell me i need to wear shoes she said not and she doesn't see a lot of men barefoot i told her I'm barefoot 24/7 all year around even in snow . She said i bet you save a lot of money on socks and shoes i told her yes i do but i get pedicures ones a month. And i see some men getting pedicures not a lot . she did notice my naklet and my toes ring she said it looks good on me i said thank you and told her it was nice talking to her . And i paid for my stuff and now I'm home listening to my dad talk about the traffic and the way people drive. Can wait for them to leave lol.
  14. Today it rained and then turned in to snow. And as always I'm barefoot and it was in the 30's. But like yesterday it was almost in the 70's and perfect weather for bare feet. And to it is a good day to be barefoot but most people looked at me like i was crazy but it felt so good to feel the rain and snow on my bare feet. And i had a couple ask me if i was a little crazy to be barefoot in this weather. I said no I'm a full time barefooter so i never wear socks or shoes and it's healthier for your feet to be bare then in shoes. And they said yes it is healthier to be barefoot in stead of being in socks or shoes. They said they are always barefoot but when it's this cold and they have to go out they put on slip on shoes. I said it's great to hear that even they still go barefoot even at their age. They said they get crazy looks when they go barefoot in and store or at the park . I just smilled and said will i have to go abs it was nice talking to them i got in my truck and came home . It was a great day today.
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  15. Now today is great the weather is nice it's in the 70's and i went for a walk on a trail that i know and it was pack. People and there kids and dogs walking and i was the only one barefoot. Yes i had people looking at my bare feet. And i could hear kids saying mom can i go barefoot like that guy? And i can hear the mom and dad go he isn't barefoot and when they look they both said wow yes he is. But you hear the mom and dad say no it's still cold not until it gets warmer. Wow i got a lot of looks and a lot of great comments. But nobody ask me wear are my shoes or why are you walking barefoot. It was great the ground was really warm and it felt great to feel the ground and dirt and rocks under my bare feet. It was a great day on Easter
  16. I would like to find someone to go barefoot with or talk about barefoot experiences. And if you ever been told you can't come in here you must wear shoes .
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