What Does It Feel Like To Get Fucked In The Ass?

Discussion in 'Oral and Anal Sex' started by Ringstar, Nov 8, 2015.

  1. Ringstar

    Ringstar Novice Warlock

    I'm just curious. So....if you have had the experience of having a cock up your manhole (or womanhole) then, as best as you can and with detail,describe exactly how it feels/felt!
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  2. only one way to find out
  3. Feels equally as good as vagina sex, sometimes better because i still get pains from a retarded hymen that wont fuck off. Kind of like a warm soft tingely feeling and if I am lieing on my stomach and its done fast enough I get shivers and its one of the best feelings ive ever felt.
  4. Ringstar

    Ringstar Novice Warlock

    Yes that is sooooo true! So who's up for it? :punk:
  5. Ringstar

    Ringstar Novice Warlock

    Hmmmmm......I bet someone who never did it before would be all "tight"and would have to get"stretched" out some.
  6. Si69

    Si69 Senior Member HipForums Supporter

    feels great..... size (or girth) does matter tho. And....angle - how his cock hangs and the position you fuck in......... some angles/positions give better prostate stimulation. It's a wonderful feeling....and Im a versatile bisexual

    Simon :)
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  7. I also noticed your sig pic

    You want to know what it feels like to get fucked in the arse?.......Vote Republican ;)
  8. Ringstar

    Ringstar Novice Warlock

    Hmmmmmm......so that's what I'm doing wrong! [​IMG]
  9. Ringstar

    Ringstar Novice Warlock

    I can imagine!
  10. RubySoho6

    RubySoho6 Organized Chaos

    You just have to do it to find out. It's good.
  11. Ringstar

    Ringstar Novice Warlock

    Well I'll just have to take your word for it! ( I'm married and my wife can bodyslam my ass) I like the way you put it though "Its GOOD"!!!!
    Also.....I have "reached my positive response for today" (whatever the hell that means) so I am liking your response here and now!!
  12. NoxiousGas

    NoxiousGas Old Fart

    I can only "like" a post once....
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  13. It's kinda ironic you have a superman avatar considering you're about to bend over.

    You could always try getting pegged by a prostitute. Her attractiveness shouldn't matter too muchh for that task!. However, I assume you're gay, as you seem to be unleashing multiple gay related threads. Perhaps some of them might be better suited for the gay forum.
  14. JimInPhila

    JimInPhila Member

    Seen the vids, certainly there's a lot of people who appreciate it.
    Mentally, I can't trigger the "relax" button to try it.
    I've always thought that I would probably try it, but only if I meet
    Mr. Pencil Dick. Maybe someone less than 4 1/2" circumference.
    That hasn't happened so I'm still an "anal virgin."
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  15. littleone20

    littleone20 New Member

    I have similar questions to this one. Don't know how to post yet. So to those who've tried it, how did your first time feel? Is there anything I can do to make it hurt less?
    I was going to try and test the waters solo, before trying with my partner, but I have no toys available. Is there anything that might work just ss well to work my way up to an actual penis? (Smaller-bigger)
  16. Your first time should not hurt. If it hurts, you're not ready to be having anal sex yet. Definitely start on your own (or with just anal play with a trusted partner who won't push you to jump straight to sex, which has a high chance of hurting if you go to that too fast). Just start with one lubricated finger while you masturbate. When you feel comfortable with one, try two. This might be fairly quickly or you may want multiple sessions before you try two. Go up to at least three fingers before you consider getting a toy, otherwise you'd end up with ones too small that won't be that useful to you after a short time. Always play with your clit during, at least when starting out and getting used to the feeling of anal, as it helps relax you and associates the new sensations with known pleasures. To aid with penetration, push out as if going to the bathroom to help relax the muscles as well.

    Over time you may wish to get a small/medium butt plug in about the 1.5" diameter range to start with. Regular wear of this during masturbation and other sexual stimulation can further help with training and prepare you for anal sex. It is possible to do it without such toys, but they do make it easier when using something designed for anal stimulation.
  17. Cumlover69

    Cumlover69 Member

    The reason I got into anal was my wife said its awesome and sometimes I don't even fuck her pussy but ram her ass. When she convinced me to try it we called a regular bed buddy of ours and as the night progressed she was behind me guiding his cock into my virgin ass. After a few minutes it was all the way in and he was slowly sliding in and out and before long I was pushing back into his cock getting it deeper. I shot my load with no touching and he finished cumm No deep inside me. No I'm addicted just like the wife.
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  18. SMcDaniel001

    SMcDaniel001 Member

    Damn....... that's pretty hot........
  19. littleone20

    littleone20 New Member

    I finally worked up the balls (figuratively of course) to try anal sex with my boyfriend. It was new to me, and frightening but it felt amazing after a few minutes. I am one of those girls that well squirts, he didn't need to get any pussy play going to get that to happen, it was strangely pleasuring. I'd absolutely do it again!
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  20. jcmofungi

    jcmofungi Member

    I have always enjoyed prostate stimulation since i started masturbating. My first experience with a cock up the butt was my roomie in the military. Tookna few months but he caught me watching some kinky bdsm femdom porn jerking it and had a prostate Stimulator. Before this i caught him getting a hard on in the shower looking at my ass, i have a somewhat lady like bubble butt, then he started grabbing my ass in our room and i always enjoy my ass being grabbed groped and smacked.. so he noticed me get a hard on when he would. Now i have 0 attraction towards men, but let me tell you when he came in and told me to stand up i was nervous, he then put me in anchoke hold prostate toy still in me grabbed my hand behindnmy back and bent me over and played with the toy while groping and grabbing my ass, and told me he had something better than that. He turned me around shoving his big thick dick innmy mouth with his hand around my throat as i gagged and got slobber all over his cock, he then turned me around bent over the couch pulled the prostate stimulator out and shoved his huge cock forcefully in and i started feeling pleasure that started from my sphincter andnwhen he hit my prostate the pleasure spread throughout my entire body. My cock got all small and tiny but shot cum out and dripped cum the entire time. And i kept having full body orgasms and shot cum several times. Best orgasm ever. It is almost addicting and for 18 months i enjoyed hours of orgasms a day. Loved when his cocknstarted throbbing as he shot huge loads andni could feel the warmth deep in me. We literally did that at least 3 times a day, and we both wanted more and more. I dated girls and when i brought them over he made a point to dominate me and fuck me in front of them. Loved how humiliating it was to have a chick you're about to score with witness you taking a big cock and enjoying it and trying to keep from screaming like a woman harder faster give it to me. Some chicks enjoyed it and would sit on my face or push my face into their pussy as he fucked me. Some were grossed out. Some assumed i was gay or bi, and some decided to share his cock. He also always banged me befoee i went on a date and often times would have me suck him off in a public restroom towards the end of a date so when i kiss the chick cum and cock is all they would taste. The next cock was slightly thicker and i came even harder. Was a neighbor who peeped on me masturbating or with a dominatrix femdom chick who enjoyed fisting me. For a year daily his big black cock would fill me up and i had to record video or call my dominatrix so she could hear me enjoy it and himiliate me cumming like a bitch.

    Later another roomie overheard me one drunken night talking to this chick who gave horrible head and intold her to massage my prostate. She later shoved a dildo up my ass and i almost came.

    A real nice big thick cock feels awesome. I wish i had a guy who would fuck me like those guys did daily. Love the feeling of a cock shooting a big load in me but not turned on by men.... and i need huge cock if i take one or itnliterally does absolutely nothing for me.

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