Don't Really Want To Work!?

Discussion in 'Hip Business Network' started by CharlieBrown89, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. :)
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  2. jamhassan

    jamhassan Guest

    ya agree that on start is little difficult but when you get started & work Honestly you will get more work :)
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  3. StockAim

    StockAim Guest

    Sorry to tell you this... but you wont enjoy not working after 2 or 3 weeks.

    I dont work!!!
    I worked for a huge company... i wont mention names..
    I used to be a big corporate guy. Was good at what I was doing but hated it.

    Worked there for about 5 years..
    I woke up.. breakfast.. drove 45 min..WORK.. 5pm... shower.. eat.. sleep.
    That 2 inch sentence could describe my life.

    I quit my job, invested all my money to Forex and Stock Market
    I probably spend 1 hour a week on this stuff and thats it.. but I also read the news a lot because it is very important for investments but the best part is that I love reading.

    So, anyways.
    I now make more money than i used to. Dont have to sweat a bit.
    No stress no nothing. Do i love it Yesss
    Am i bored ? yesss
    Does being busy suck? yesss
    Does being completely free suck? Yess.

    So that is the paradox
    Deal with it!
  4. kenG

    kenG Guest

    hahahaahahahahahahahaha work sucks.
  5. I am happy not working at the moment. I am just traveling about in my own country and just living of very little money but I will go back to work soon as I want to save for traveling in different places. x
  6. 7point65

    7point65 Banned

    When their parents tire of their lazy kids they will be out of luck and out on their ear. When your parents have had enough you may find yourself out on your ear as well. That is an old saying here in America. How much will you like paying your parents RENT or paying FOR YOUR OWN FOOD??
  7. FreshDacre

    FreshDacre Senior Member

    Fuckk yeahhhhhhh thank god i need my gf to look at this thread thios is whassyupppp.
  8. walsh

    walsh Senior Member

    Comes with the territory of having kids. If you don't give a shit about them, don't give birth. Kids on the other hand don't choose to have parents.
  9. BornHippy

    BornHippy Member

    i just got avocado packing job in nz, almost fulltime, frst time in 2 yrs i had job lol back at parents house resently and pay half rent to normally wud which helpful. Now i saving 4000$ to either buy van or move to aussie. Though trying to decide if want to study or just work next yr i soo hard to chose. When i have van and if dnt do aprentiship i'd just want to work part time forever lol working can suck, got to find something u love or at least dont mind or it pretty depressing getting up every morning for something you hate. I want physical jobs like carpentry etc being outside better then being in a box. I also may live in a van if chose not to study and find part time job so thatll be cheap living and will live near a beach!
  10. Chodpa

    Chodpa -=Chop_Chop=-

    Thanks for the freelance website ideas. I have another idea - penny stocks. These are inexpensive stocks that you can buy without middle men and they often have high yields so they are good for playing with small amounts of money. The site Awesome Penny Stocks is well known.
  11. honeyhunter

    honeyhunter Guest

    Look, I'm studying business right now and I can tell you that you can sell anything. Take, for instance, bottled water. Its all a matter of providing something that would be otherwise impossible or inconvenient to buy. Its a basic concept, but if you enjoy the outdoors, then collect and create things while you are out doing what you love.

    If home depot can sell dirt for $30 a bag, then you too can make money by selling things that we otherwise consider either common or mundane. Its all about convenience. Just never sell a deal that you wouldn't take. Thats kin to stealing, and stealing's for the weak and the selfish. Best of luck to you, though.
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  12. Hi Charlotte,

    I am 32 and I setup my home business when I was about your age. Working less IS an option, however, no work is not. I suggest a home business, however be aware that it can take a lot of work and motivation initially to get it off the ground.


  13. So you don't want to work. Does that mean you want me to keep working so my taxes that I pay help pay your way through some sort of governmental program?
  14. oshinn

    oshinn Member

    If you're capable of making things, Etsy is a fabulous website to sell handmade goods. Also, the Scoutie Girl website has a lot of information on making it on our own as a contractor.

    Work is a drag- yes. But it's necessary, if you want things in exchange for money. Whatever you do, get behind it and DIG it. If you can't dig your job, quit and find one you can. I gave up a good position canvassing because I absolutely hated the work, and now am applying at hospitals to do desk work that I really enjoy.
  15. Hoppípolla

    Hoppípolla Senior Member

    It's tricky for sure. The problem is that many things I/we enjoy cost money.

    For example - internet, computers, video games (for me at least) and so on.

    Even heat and light, although I suppose they can be generated somehow.

    For me, I'd quite like just to start my own business, then at least I'm in control of how I earn money and so on. It's not easy though ._.

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