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  1. Sex Toy Infom
    Hi all,

    Just for a little background frist. I am running a Amaozn Sex Toy Shop, and we are a manufacturer named Chisa.
    If you can see this bolg. It will not take long for me share some information about sex toy.

    Frist time for sex toy play?

    Information for Girls
    Try some vibrator to stimulate Vulua. Stimulate clitoris help you to get orgasm.
    1. Bullet vibrator:
    2. Finger vibe:
    3. AV massage
    4. Jump Egg:
    5. Small flexible Dildo:
    For couple are good toys for foreplay.

    information for Boys
    Help you to feeling good and performance well when at frist time in side or masturbation.
    1. Classic Cock Ring:
    2. Vibarting Cock Ring:
    3. Sleeve:
    4. Penis Pump:
    5. Small Pocket Mastrubation:
    6. Realistic Ass:
    7. Suction Cup Masturbation:
    Special Dildo for Gril who like big one or getting G-spot
    Realistic dildo in 9 inches:}
    Strap on:
    Double dildo:

    You can depend on the this page to choose other sex toy, but you can have a general idea about what kinds of toy you like.

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