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  1. In this episode my guest, Joshua Shea and I discuss..
    • Details of his book, "THE ADDICTION NOBODY WILL TALK ABOUT"

    • The events that led to his arrest in 2014 for possession of underage pornography.

    • His battle and recovery with porn and alcohol addictions.

    • Signs that you or someone you know maybe addicted to pornography.

    • Much, much more...

    Show Excerpt
    Joshua Shea: When those cars pulled up in front, If you've watched any TV show from the 1980s you know what an unmarked cop car looks like. They might as well have come in regular police cars. It was that obvious. They all get out of their car wearing their golf jackets and they are not going golfing. So you know who they are. I saw the piece of paper that the guy had and I was able to pick out a few keywords on it. It was like Oh my goodness, oh my goodness.

    Stephen Jaimes: What were those keywords you saw?

    Joshua Shea: Underaged, I saw the words explicit, I saw the words sexual, I saw the word pornography. I knew that my life was about to radically change. But I knew right then and there...

    Read more and listen to original Podcast here.

  2. "People that to choose long distance tend to feel a little bit desperate, as if they’re not going to find someone in their own city.:~Jonathon Aslay

    I interviewed Jonathon Aslay last week about Long Distance Relationships, to learn how well they typically work out (if at all). Having been through a few of my own, I was curious as to why some worked and why somed (most) didn't.

    Here's what he shared with me....
    • Why people enter into Long Distance Relationships.
    • Why and how you should vet your potential partners.
    • The reality of monogamy in a Long Distance Relationship.

    What has been your experience with LDR's and what do you think about what he has to say?

    (Here are the links to the original Podcast version)
    Here are a few additional links in case you need them:
    Direct Blog Post Link: Episode 7 | Long Distance Relationship Advice With Jonathon Aslay
    Direct iTunes Link: iTunes
    Direct Stitcher Link:Long Distance Relationship Advice With Jonathon Aslay from That Sex & Love Podcast

    Would love to hear your feedback!
  3. [​IMG]
    This week I interviewed Body Language Expert RB Kelly on my show and wanted to share it here on the forum.
    In this episode, my guest, RB Kelly talks about…
    • How body language can push away the people you want and pull in those you don’t want.
    • How body language and attitude win over conventional beauty.
    • How the body language in your online photo may be attracting the wrong people.
    "There’s a difference between the signals that men put out
    when they are single and looking to connect with someone when they are married and NOT looking to connect and when they are married but open to cheating." RB Kelly

    Here are some "teasers" I made for this episode. I hope this helps someone at just the right time!

    Show excerpt (listen to the entire podcast here)

    RB Kelly: There was a very very interesting study that actually focused on women being picked up in bars, not necessarily picked up but women being approached in bars. What this study did was, they took two different groups of women, one group was women who are all considered very attractive, all made up and all dolled up and they went into the bar, but they weren’t trained on how to flirt.

    So their strategy was basically my strategy at a high school dance “look pretty, look your best” but stand in the corner and don’t make eye contact.

    And then the other group was a group conventionally much “less attractive” than the other group, they had been taught the body language of confidence and availability.

    So they were able to send flirtatious signals to the people around them. Then the researchers of these two groups were in the same bar and took note of who got approached.

    In the end, the beautiful women who didn’t know how to flirt were approached almost an average of 0 to 1 times per hour.
    Whereas the group of “not pretty women” who knew how to flirt, they were approached an average of 4 times per hour.

    Stephen Jaimes: That just goes to show it’s not really how much it’s not really what you look like it’s what you’re putting out there for other people,

    Comments and feedback are welcome!
  4. [​IMG]
    What can Near Death Experiences teach us about love and sexual connection?
    Thousands of people worldwide, of all races, religions and cultures, have reported Near Death Experiences. In short, a Near Death Experience, or NDE, is associated with people who are either near death, in a coma or temporarily dead due to an accident or medical procedure. Typically, but not always, the experiencer leaves their body, can see themselves and others as a detached onlooker and will go into a light and experience “the other side” or a heaven like-place.

    I can already sense many people reading this will doubt or question the validity of these NDEs. But just for a moment, humor me and let’s go along with this line of thought and belief and explore sex and love as it relates to the NDE.

    A common thread that runs through people who have experienced a NDE is, upon their return to their body, they are left with the knowledge that they are here on earth to love and live without fear.

    While NDErs tend to return with a sense of peace and enlightenment about life in general, many people who have not experienced a NDE have fears, guilt and challenges around sex and love as it relates to their social, cultural or religious programming and upbringing.

    So, what can the experiences of people who have been to the other side teach us about how we love and connect here and now, in this life on earth? What happens when we die? Are we wrong for loving who we love and how we choose to love them?

    Who better to ask than someone who’s been there and done that? I recently interviewed Naya Ballard and she took me through her Near Death Experience (NDE) in 2008 and told me about her journey on the other side.

    I'm adding some Short Clips From My Interview With Naya here on the forum. They're short but I believe insightful

    Show excerpt
    Naya: So I was dead. Deader than a doornail. On the other side no coming back unless I wanted to, dead.

    Stephen Jaimes: OK. So other than procreation, what do you understand about why we have sex Naya?

    Naya: When I went to the other side the feeling that I had was, if you’ve ever had sex with anyone and you both reached climax at the same time, that feeling of ecstasy, that split second, those few moments. That’s what it feels like all the time over there, all the time.

    I also converted the conversation I had with her on my Podcast into a Youtube video, you can listen here if you like. :)

    I would love to hear some feedback on the subject. This was a really insightful interview.

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