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  1. First Time Poster, Long Time Reader, How come so many of the posts that I read are either off topic or giving off negative vibes(more like trying to label people and pass your random judgement than it is for realistic/helpful replies. The people that reply to an original poster should express their response in a helpful way, even if it may be opposing what the OP. The way you try to change a persons mind is through providing good info not through criticism. Most people do not respond well to negative criticism. I have come to find out that through my own experiences I tend to almost completely ignore negative tones of voice. Even worse, I might respond with a more negative post/action. Even though my initial intentions were good and I had no hostile feelings before reading or creating a post. The way somebody talks to me will be the determining factor on If I take them seriously or not. I thought the point of this site was for getting other peoples opinion about either harm reduction or the best route of anything whether its chemical related or a question about life in general. I've noticed most times people post, there is always some kinda negative examination instead of trying to provide help. Whether it be through personal experience or actual,real knowledge those should be the people posting. All of these constant statements being claimed by people that are very misinformed are leading other misinformed people to go to extremes. Which leads people to think the extremes are a normal occasion or will completely turn a person off of an experience or chemical. Please be able to back the information that you provide others or that creates chaotic forums. These forums are to help not to criticize or confuse.

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