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  1. When you have children, life can feel very stressful. We all need ways to relax, but when you’re a mum, finding that time to relax or spend time alone can be difficult. Whilst you may not have the money or time to spend a weekend away in a luxury spa, there are some ways that you can de-stress easily at home.

    Go Out And Spend Time With Someone

    Even if you are anti-social and prefer to stay at home, it will be much better for your stress levels if you head out and see people, whether it is family or friends. When you spend time at home, you begin to focus in on things that need doing in the house or spend time cleaning. It’s a great idea to socialise with people and spend time away from home, even just for a few hours at a coffee shop. It doesn’t need to be expensive.

    Get Some Fresh Air

    Even a walk for a few minutes will change your mood and help you to de-stress. Soak up some autumn sunshine and reconnect with natural spaces near where you live. Even if you grab half an hour in the evening after the kids go to bed to walk the dog, it’s time you can spend immersed in your own thoughts in peace.

    Take Care Of Yourself

    A lot of mums are guilty of this and, as you probably already know, when you aren’t feeling your best emotionally or physically, then you won’t be giving your best. To maintain the stamina and focus that is needed to look after children, it’s important for mums to take care of themselves the same way that they look after their children. Get plenty of sleep, eat healthy food and try and take a break every now and then.

    Knowing when to take a break is important. If at the end of a trying day, you feel stressed and emotional, then you need a “time out” away from the situation. Read a book, listen to music or have a hot bath, anything that you enjoy doing even if it is just for 10 minutes. If you have longer to have a break, such as an afternoon, then head out somewhere for a treat.

    Take Slow, Deep Breaths

    Often, when it all gets a little too much, it is easy to shout, which raises the body’s stress levels. Learning some deep breathing exercises and simple meditation tricks will help your body relax and instantly relieve you from some stress. Close your eyes, and slowly breathe in and out until you feel a sense of relief. This is a great thing to get the whole family to do, too.
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