A Devotion With Nanette T.
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    Great NEWS Prayer Poems by Nanette Tronis out for sale NOW. You can buy it at RoseDogbookstore.com. It is a great blessed annointed book you will
    enjoy , it will bless yor socks off. It is poems of God's love and inspiration, family and hope and dreams. Buy a copy today and be blessed

    Thank you to everyone who buy one of my books, I am a disabled mother and wife and My husband is diabled and the good Lord will bless you and keep
    you for buying a book and blessing our family. We love each and everyone of you and we pray for you.

    love MORE,


    Nanette Tron
  2. Prayer Poems by Nanette Tron

    I am so exciged to annoiunce my new book to be released in two more weeks Prayer Poems by Nanette Tron It is my contribution and to be sold at www.rosedogbookstore.com. Please feel free to buy several copies. I love you and I know it will bless your socks off. It is God's gift he has
    given to me to write this poem book. Everyone who buys a book will get a supernatural blessing from Heaven from God. It is about poems of my love for God and and God's love and beauty of our world around us designed to bless you and encourage you in the Lord. i trust and pray you will buy a copy for your library
    The money will be used to write more books and help my family Matthew Tron my critiquer and my son Joshua Tron 15 years old in High School. I intend
    to bless my family with good things from God my husband and I are disabled and we deserve it and more . I worked hard writing my book and ask pray
    for the good Lord and his good people to bless me and my family with love and blessings I love God's people and his children and prayed for him to
    bless me with a quality book and he did love you , MORE, love Nanette buy several copies. please, please. I will ask the good Lord to bless you with safety health love and peace and joy and fianancial blessings today. In Jesus Name Amen.
  3. Father of the Year Nominations for 2015 Awards

    I would like to nominate President Obama for Father of the Year he is an outstanding Father, He goes way above his duties, responsible, loving and and a super DAD, President Obama Father of the Year

    I would like to nominate Brad Pitt for Father of the YEAR AWARD, He is a super Dad to his six kids, He gets the job done, loving and patient and goes way above what is expected of him, Brad Pitt for Father Of The Year, vote Yes

    Mother of the Year Nomintions for 2015 Awards

    I would like to nominate Angelina Pitt for mother of the Year. she is a wonderful mother she loves her children so much. she takes good care of them
    and goes way above what is expected of her, she has six children and she takes good excellant care of all of them, She should be mother of the year a good expample. Yes, Angelina Pitt Mothe of the Year

    Some other Nominations for Mother of the Year are Chelsea Clinton Mother of the Year to Charlotte
    Jenna Bush Hagar Mother of the year to Mila and Poppy
    Nanette Tron loving outstsanding mother to Joshua Tron, vote Yes,
    Michelle Obama mother of the Year to Sasha and Malia, Yes, vote yes,

    Who is your first choice for Mother of the Year, Vote yes, Make this an honorable award. Yes
  4. A Devotion With Nanette T. by; Nanette Tron

    It is a good day with the Tron household today, Peace and love and happiness. Blessings to everyone who reads this. May the good Lord keep you safe and watch over you and smile at you and love you today with blessings.from heaven .

    It is good to have been in the house of the Lord. God is good all the time. Love the Lord and show him your love by praising him and thanking him for all you have and all of your blessings, They come from God. God is the giver of good things. He loves his children, You are a child of the most HIgh God.

    Love the Lord with your heart and sing unto him a new song.

    I am a Christian and I am an American and I am proud of it. God draws close to those who draw close to him.

    Let there be peace in the valley Peace that surpasses all understanding shall rule in your life in Jesus.
    Think on good things.
    Encourage each other with Christian Godly love, and exhort and uplift each other unto good works that we may improve
    the world and improve each other's lives for the better.
    Do what is right and pleasing to God. Just and moral and of Good report. Love you very much and I want the best for the
    Christian brethren, I am an Ordained Minister reaching out to you. Love someone today. like me.

    love, Nanaette Tron
  5. Even when the cold winds blow, Dear Lord I want you to know I will still love you Lord, Oh yes I will love you.
    Nothing can separate you from the Love of Our Lord.

    Pray without ceasing for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

    I pray and pray , I am not beautiful, I am not that smart. Oh Lord please give me a beauty for ashes, joy for the unlovely. Quit people trying to kill me.

    God is good all the time.

    Oh Lord hear my prayer and grant me my petitions. Bless me Lord, Bless me Lord, Oh Lord I pray.

    God is good. You are the source of my happiness oh God and your blessings. Bless me Lord Bless me Lord, Bless me Lord.

    In Jesus name I pray, Amen and Amen

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