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  1. I just love embarrassing myself in public. Last Tuesday night, after shaving my entire body, I put on a pair if red, lace panties with matching bra, a pair of suntan pantyhose & over this I wore a pair of women's jeans with large holes in the knees. I put on a pair of women's sneakers with no socks & a blue, low cut women's sweater, I put on blackest black, water proof mascara, very heavy on my upper lashes, blue eyeliner, a little blush, pink tinted lip gloss, Charlie perfume & I polished my fingernails bright silver. There was a good four inches from where the legs of the jeans stopped to the sneakers exposing my pantyhose covered ankle. I put a pair of small gold hoop earrings in my pierced ears & put on a women's winter coat then got into my car & went to Walmart. I would walk around the makeup aisle & go down the one that had people in it. I would catch the women out of the corner of my eye looking at me, I would pick up a bottle of nail polish & act like I am reading the bottle. I would go to the shoe dept. & try on high heeled pumps, walking up & down the aisle past the women shopping there listening to my heels on the hard floor. I overheard one women say to her friend, look at that sissy queer then they both started laughing at me. I love the feeling of being exposed as the crossdressing sissy that I am.
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