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  1. I hope no one minded me indulging myself by discussing my recent experience. I felt as it was this issue that brought me to the forum, and I was given loads of really helpful advice, that it would close the loop.

    Don’t expect me to keep in documenting all my intimate moments, but I am really enjoying being part of your community and plan to continue to interact with the forum. And when my boyfriend suggests we dress from head to toe in rubber, I’ll know where to come!!!

    My conclusion is that spanking as part of a healthy sexual relationship appears to be a force for good but only if it is what both people want and they trust it other. It has been suggested that in the wrong hands it could be disastrous, and I can see that 100%.

    However I’m planning to build on my experience but it certainly isn’t always going to be my bottom turning red!

    Thanks again,

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  2. Well...

    Tonight was different. Positive and enjoyable, and none of my concerns came to fruition. I feel really lucky to have such a thoughtful boyfriend whose kinky side keeps catching me off guard.

    I’m still buzzing so wanted to capture my thoughts while they are fresh.

    My boyfriend had tea with us before we went to my room to do homework. It was difficult to focus on revising biology but we managed some. My parents go out with their friends every Thursday, so after about half an hour they shouted ‘bye’ and left us. Surprisingly, it was my boyfriend who had a wobble. He began asking me over and over if I was sure I wanted to do it. I had to take control. I told him to stop being a ‘twat’ and stuck my tongue out cheekily, hoping he would take the hint, fortunately he did.

    A couple of minutes later I was stood in the corner of my bedroom wearing just my bed T-shirt while he pissed off downstairs and made himself a drink. He may have only been away 5 minutes, but with the anticipation it felt like 20.

    When he returned i was striped of the t-shirt and lay face down on my bed. I was relieved that he didn’t put me over his knee. He had brought his own ‘slipper’ which turned out to be a small black school plimsoll which I guess belongs to his younger brother. He balanced the shoe on the round of my buttocks and disappeared again.

    When he returned I had my only touch of mild anxiety, nothing to do with my earlier worry but the realisation i was about to receive my first ‘bare bottom’ spanking.

    When he finally hit me, it was completely different from anything I’ve experienced before. Whether it was the small slipper or the lack of anger, but no powerful blow fell, a sharp fast whack which brought a hot sting. I’m not saying it was painful, it definitely hurt (but even when playing I guess it should). After about 5 seconds he hit my right cheek again, ouch!

    Next, like a caged tiger, he slowly walked around to the other side of the bed. It was about half a minute before he slapped my left cheek, twice.

    Backwards and forwards he paced drawing out the process. My butt stung, but it was manageable, actually it was hard having to wait each time. I really don’t know how many times he hit me, it was more than the 10 I was used to, but he didn’t go crazy. When he finished my bottom felt hot to the touch and I loved the burn. He clearly loved the view.

    The sex afterwards was amazing. We were both so excited though that it was over really quite quickly!

    I’m not going to say anymore for now, instead I want to sleep on it and compose my thoughts.
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  3. Firstly I want to say, that whatever your feelings on physical punishment are, I am at ease with what I am going to describe next. My Dad is my hero. He has loved me without hesitation for 18 years. He’s cared for me, protected me, rescued me, and kept me safe. For the last few years I find it more amazing that he has ‘put up with me’.

    My parents clearly felt my brother and myself should have a clear sense of right and wrong and to that end we were smacked when they felt we deserved it. However in the seven years I’ve spent in secondary school I’ve only been smacked three times and the time before last Sunday was at least three years ago.

    I made the mistake of skipping the Friday afternoon of school. We are allowed to sign off site if we don’t have lessons but technically I did. I could have got away with it though as registers aren’t taken at every lesson, until my Physics teacher was talking to my Dad on Sunday afternoon and asked if I was better?

    My Dad took it very seriously because exams are coming up and I’m ‘messing with my future’.

    I’m not going to jazz up what happened, it is what it is, it wasn’t pleasant but it wasn’t supposed to be. Traditionally I was sent to my room to change for bed and 5 minutes later my Dad arrived at my bedroom with ‘the slipper’ in his hand. Without any arguing I lay over his knee and 10 very hard and very painful whacks were delivered to my pyjama clad bottom. I remember subconsciously counting each smack in my head but although i suspect each of my butt cheeks received 5 whacks, I couldn’t swear to it. I didn’t cry out but I had damp eyes before I counted to 10.

    We have always had a hug afterwards but this time was different. I could tell from his face that he regretted doing it and I am 100% certain that was the last spanking my Dad will ever give me. I think even my brother, who is two years younger than me, is now safe too.

    I have always felt embarrassed, angry and hurt after receiving the slipper but I have already come to terms with it. I know it’s controversial and there is no way of really knowing, but I think I’ve become a better person for having painful consequences for my actions; however I do not agree with hitting children and if I’m lucky enough to have children of my own, they will not be spanked.

    I will take the spanking from my boyfriend tonight and will reflect on that later!
  4. I only discovered this forum a couple of days ago and actually forums in general.

    Google found it for me when I was looking for relationship advice and whether I should agree to my boyfriend spanking me.

    I’ve had a lot of good advice and after a really open discussion I have agreed.

    What I have liked about the forum so far is how a normally shy girl like myself has been able to open up to the world and how positive that has felt.

    My issue with the spanking was that a have, very occasionally, and unfortunately quite recently been spanked by my father. My concern is that much as i love sexy time with my boyfriend, this process might be a little mixed up and screw with my mind in a bad way.

    I’ve been reassured that this shouldn’t be the case and that has helped me decide to go ahead.

    Having explored the blog section of the forum I thought that I would document those feelings, for my own reflection, to see how my feelings change before and after this evening.

    Of course you should feel welcome to read along.

    I am firstly going to described what happened last week which may not be a comfortable thing to write or to read. So if you don’t wish to think about parents smacking their children then please ignore the next entry.


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