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  1. hey so heres the thing. I think/feel/strongly believe through months of thinking and analyzing, that i have a "million dollar" phone app idea. I have started to write down in a notebook my ideas and visions for this app and have a solid view of what i want this to be.

    The concern and question that im asking is coming from the fact that i have absolutely zero coding experience/guidence/knowledge/information about how to actually create an app and let it out into the word. I also dont have the money to throw down for beginning to make this into a reality. my question is this: what do i do, how do i start, where do i begin, who do i talk to , what are my resources, who do i ask, what is my first move? I just dont even now how to begin. money is a big issue and i dont have all of that to drop on this dream of mine.

    Ive looked into online programs like "appypie" and other programs but to be honest this goes wayy beyond what appypie ( or other) can offer me as far as software.

    what do i do and how do i begin? who do i reach out to.?

    Thank you for your help any and all is much appreciated!!

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