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  1. (This is an excerpt from a message exchange I had with another user, Son of John, on 12/06/2013.)

    I'm also like you in that I love to watch my wife with someone else. It's so completely different than just watching porn, in that the woman involved is special to you.

    When our threesome was going strong, the only thing that I insisted on was that I always be present when she and Steve fucked. First, it was because I liked to watch them, and second was because I knew that I'd never get any details about that session any other way. You see, my wife is extremely uncomfortable talking about sex (she was like that even back when she and Steve were fucking regularly and her sexual horizon was greatly expanded.) Consequently, getting any details out of her after the fact was/is like pulling teeth with plastic salad tongs, plus she gets really angry if I push for more info. Frankly, I'd have been a lot more likely to let them go out and fuck privately, if I'd been certain that I'd be able to get a "blow-by-blow" retelling of the session from one (or both) of them later. (As an aside, Steve was fine with talking about fucking my wife, but only in general terms like how wet she got, or how her erect nipples compared to other women he'd fucked, or the way her pussy felt when he was cumming in her and she was tightly wrapped around his cock. I'd never get specifics like how long they fucked, what positions they used, did either one of the perform oral on the other, that sort of thing. What I did get was, alas, just not enough for me.)

    As a result, the two of them only fucked once without me being present during the entire six months that the threesome lasted, and even then I showed up in time to watch them finish up. In that particular case, she called me at work in the middle of the day and asked if I minded if she and Steve when out to one of our regular swimming holes and sunbathed. I told I was fine with that and then she hit me with, "Uh... what if he wants to have sex?" I reminded her of the "I have to be present" rule (which Steve and she had both already agreed to) and she replied with, "Well, it's just that I don't want him to be frustrated or disappointed." I didn't want to be the bad guy, so I grudgingly gave my consent. After she hung up, I raced through my current work and then set some kind of record getting home, changing clothes, and rushing out to the swimming hole. Given the short amount of time that they'd been there before me and the observation that they were already well past any foreplay and were fucking in earnest by the time I arrived, I could only assume that they'd probably decided to fuck while they were driving out, rather than it just happening spontaneously after they arrived.

    You and I talk about other guys fucking our wives, but it was different in my threesome and that's at least part of why it ultimately fell apart. As I mentioned above, my wife is really uncomfortable talking about sex and she is especially resistant to using the word "fuck" (unless she's using it to swear.) So, when she and Steve talked about sex with each other (regardless of whether I was alone with one of them or we were all together), they both referred to it as "making love." That always felt (to me) like a very uncomfortable invasion of what I considered my personal territory. When my wife and I fuck, sometimes it's just that and other times it's "making love." However, when she fucks other guys, I don't want any "love" involved, I want it to "just be sex."

    So, that's part of what caused our threesome to fail. I always considered Steve a better sex partner than me. He was much more limber, weighed a lot less, and had a TON more stamina when actually fucking. To this day, I'm sure that my wife enjoyed fucking him more than she enjoyed fucking me. She insists that's not true, but while her voice told me that, her physical behavior around him shouted otherwise. In the end, our threesome failed because she wanted him so much that I was beginning to feel neglected and ignored, and because I was afraid that she WAS actually falling in love with him. (When I confessed that to her, many years later, she replied that it was just infatuation. My experience has been that love usually begins as infatuation, so her statement just added more validity to my concerns.)

    To this day, I don't really blame Steve very much for the threesome failing. At the worst, I might say that he was a little mercenary about what amounted to pretty much constant access to free pussy. (I know that my wife has much more antagonistic feelings about his departure, as she doesn't feel like he made any attempt to offer a gracious farewell to her and, as a result, she feels like he used her.) If anything, I blame my wife and myself equally for the failure. I blame her for not paying attention and letting her lust for Steve cause her to develop tunnel vision with regard our own relationship. I blame myself for not asserting more concrete ground rules at the beginning, and for not immediately speaking to about my concerns and feelings to her immediately when they began to manifest themselves.
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  2. (I originally posted this on HipForums on 11/30/2013, prior to the major facelift. Before that, I had posted it on another sex forum and have posted pieces of it on this site in various threads. Since it came up so frequently, I figure I should just detail the whole event right here. Given that a number of people have asked about my threesome with my wife and a close male friend back in 1985, recounting the story in my blog should eliminate the need for me to keep retelling the story piecemeal.)

    My wife and I were in a threesome with a male friend (Steve) for about six months, back in 1985, when we were both in our late 20s. (Actually, at the time, I was 29, my wife was 27, and Steve was 25.)

    My wife was a virgin when we met, so she'd never fucked another guy before that. I really wanted to see another guy fuck her, and decided that Steve would be the best choice. I started out one day by remarking to her that it was too bad she'd never been with any other men, just for varieties sake. When she didn't immediately disagree, I started making occasional oblique suggestions (over the next few weeks) about how maybe it wasn't too late. After bringing the topic up multiple times over the course of several weeks, and getting her more and more used in the idea, I finally suggested that maybe Steve would be a "nice safe choice" to broaden her sexual horizons. While she didn't respond overwhelmingly in the positive, she didn't turn down the suggestion either. I could see that the idea was starting to grow on her.

    Eventually, her standard response to my suggestion of Steve fucking her was, "Sure, if he's interested." My thought was always how could he not be? My wife back then was seriously hot and had a body that just screamed FUCK ME!

    Now, the three of us frequently drove out to one of two spots in the country (each by a different swimming hole) to sunbathe. At first, we all worn bathing suits. Then, one day, there was already another couple at the place we went and the woman was sunbathing topless. She didn't seem bothered by strangers showing up and didn't bother to put her top back on. Still, we moved a ways up the beach, so as not to crowd their personal space. As we were putting out our towels and other stuff, my wife asked both Steve and I if she should take her top off too. We both said (obviously) "Sure!" and so she did.

    From that day on, whenever we went out to sunbathe, my wife automatically removed her top as soon as we got to our sunbathing spot and didn't put it back on until we were ready to leave. Then, one day, for reasons I've completely forgotten, we decided to all sunbathe completely nude. The was the first time my wife had seen another man nude (in person) and the first time she'd been nude in front of any guy other than me. (Or so I thought. I didn't know about her senior year high school boyfriend yet. See below.) The sunbathing session when fine, but when we got home, my wife said that she didn't think Steve found her attractive sexually. When I asked why she thought that, she said that he didn't get an erection when he saw her nude. I explained that she shouldn't worry about it because Steve still saw her as a friend and not as someone to be interested in sexually. I also said that I hadn't mentioned anything to Steve yet about them getting together, but that that was going to change very, very soon. Once I resolved that misunderstanding, she had her confidence back, with respect to Steve.

    The next couple of times that I was alone with Steve, I pitching to him the same story that I'd presented to my wife: how she'd never been with another man and how she and I both thought that it'd be good for her if that could be remedied. On about the third discussion, I finally told him that I thought he should be her second lover. After he got over his shock, he warmed to the idea pretty quickly. I told him that there were only two rules that had to be obeyed. First, I would always be present when they fucked and, depending upon the circumstances, I might participate. Second, when they fucked, he must always cum inside her. As you can probably guess, he was fine with both rules.

    After that first "all nude" sunbathing trip, we always went fully nude on subsequent outings. Then, an afternoon came where my wife and Steve wanted to go out sunbathing, but I couldn't get away from work. I reminded her of the "I have to be there" rule and then told her to go ahead. When I got home that evening, she was already back (Steve had dropped her off.) I asked for details and she just replied that they'd both applied sun screen to each other "all over", but hadn't fucked. (I'm sure they wanted to, but they were good to their word and I trusted both of them.)

    (As a brief aside, this wasn't the first time she'd gotten completely naked with another man and let him thoroughly play with her, but I didn't find out about this until she confided in me many years later. She had a boyfriend her senior year in high school who she did pretty much everything except fuck. Every Friday and Saturday night, without fail, they'd go out on a date; movie, bowling, or some other harmless activity. When they were done, on the way home, they'd park somewhere very secluded, she'd strip totally naked for him and let him play with and suck her breasts, and play with her pussy. This usually went on for about an hour. She told me that he'd spend the majority of the time either finger-fucking her or eating her pussy. Oddly enough, he almost always only stripped to the waist and she only handled his cock on a single brief occasion. She tells me that he was also a great kisser. He constantly badgered her to let him fuck her and, even though she frequently wanted him to, she always refused, citing the risk of pregnancy. For the most part, that was the real reason, plus her fear of being found out by both his and her parents. She wasn't on the pill yet and the thought of using condoms never occurred to them. She really wanted him to fuck her a few times and actually considered letting him, but knew that it would be like eating potato chips and he'd never agree to stop at one. They eventually broke up because he just wouldn't take 'no' for an answer.
    ...but I digress.)

    The next time that the three of us went out, Steve and my wife did the sun screen thing again, which quickly morphed into a lot of heavy kissing and petting. When I thought they were both worked up enough (he was already sucking on her breasts and finger-fucking her), I gave them the go-ahead. My wife parted her legs, Steve rolled in between them, slid his cock into her, and instantly doubled the total number of sex partners my wife had had in her life.

    I don't count that day as my first threesome because, even though Steve thoroughly fucked my wife, I just watched the two of them (as planned.) However, about a week later, Steve dropped by our house one evening and, before long, both he and I were taking turns fucking my wife on the carpet in the living room. We spent the rest of the evening doing that. He stayed overnight in our guest bedroom, but he and I both fucked her again the next morning (again on the carpet in the living room again) before he got dressed and went home. By this time, my wife had gone from hesitant about the threesome to barely able to get enough of it. I was both surprised and extremely pleased at how well she'd embraced the new three-way dynamic.

    Once Steve and my wife started fucking, they discovered that they really enjoyed it (a LOT more than expected, in my wife's case.) From that point on, they fucked on a fairly regular basis (once every 1-2 weeks) for a little over six months. With just one exception, I was present each time. Sometimes I fucked her after he was done, other times I just watched. Even when they didn't fuck, he'd end up at least petting her whenever we got together (when no one else was around.) She liked that a lot too! (Case in point. One afternoon, Steve came over to our house just to hang out. It was a hot August day and my wife was just wearing a pair of short, elastic-waist gym shorts, and a little sleeveless knit top, with a plunge neckline, that stopped just below her breasts. After Steve had been there for an hour or so, I had to go into the back of the house for some reason. When I came back out about 15 minutes later, I found them in the kitchen. She was leaning against the sink counter with the top hiked up above her breasts and he was standing right behind her, pressed up against her back. With his right hand, he was vigorously massaging her right breast. His left hand was deep down inside the front of her shorts and he was just as vigorously finger-fucking her. She was loving it. I got quite a show before they finally quit, and I've never quite figured out why they didn't just head on into the living room and fuck.)

    After Steve started fucking her on a regular basis, the two of us guys would get together frequently (without her present) and the topic of conversation would eventually turn to sex. We spent a fair amount of time talking about the experience of fucking my wife, specific aspects we liked, and how she compared to other sex partners we've each had. Steve repeatedly claimed that my wife got wetter when excited than any woman he'd ever fucked. He'd frequently use words like "drippy" or "juicy". I know that she really looked forward to him fucking her and, when fully aroused, her pussy juices would be visibly running down the insides of her thighs.

    Compared to me, Steve had a lot more stamina and could just keep fucking her for what seemed like forever. Watching them fuck, I sometimes felt like I was watching a porn video that was stuck in a loop. He could also cum more than any guy I've ever seen. When he'd finally go off, he'd just keep his cock all the way in her and his cum would start to run out around it, as there wasn't enough room for all of it in her pussy with his cock in there already.

    Eventually, Steve had to move out of state and we lost touch with him. My wife and I have never done anything like that since, but I think about it a lot.

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