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  1. I did my daily russian lesson, I need to fill out my daylio journal AND write in my actual paper journal.

    I need to e-mail a high school transcript and go to court on the 25th at 5 pm... and find my registration.

    my son is already asleep. i have a distended abdomen from the boorish amounts of pizza i have sadly ingested in these past couple hours

    did some reading on Judaism. Planning my Shabbat already. Did you know they had rainbow challah? Check out, bruv... read about the name of G-d, and the acceptable subsitutes in everyday conversation.

    Joined a mommy forum, posted on twitter and facebook, had a panic attack on and off, finished my review class for a training that i had been doing for a few months. (JAN-APR)
  2. today was a good day.

    spent time with a friend, that i frequently mistreat due to being sadistic or something. not sure. either way, one of the Mitzvot that a Jew is supposed to do, is not embarass people.
    Reading some of the MItzvot today struck me with the way I treat her. I promise myself and Gd to do better.

    gave my mom the hulu username and password. poor mom. shes been stuck at home for THREE DAYS now.... "Three days of missed work", too- she is really concerned about money right now. I should offer to drive her to work, tbh.....

    anyway, im going to Torah study tomorrow, hopefully, and after that I will pick her up and we will bring charlie to the recovery-oriented picnic. that should be fun!!!!

    my cat has ear mites again. gave him the medicine, we will see how that works out. he has been eating all the leftover chicken nuggets that my toddler will not eat (to be fair, the quality is lacking- EVEN for chicken nuggets.)

    my friend is going to do a vaporwave edit of one of my photos.

    been journalling again more. im proud of myself for that

    within the past month, my D.C. has become sleep trained, more potty trained, and completed weaning

    now, time to go watch hulu
  3. C'est la vie.
    Friend gave me baby clothes, hung out with her and her family for a while.
    Then had a visitor, another friend, which was fun.
    Watching Z Nation. It's fun. There's a rapping Inuit who is basically Alaskan Aubrey Plaza.
    Gonna smoke. Gotta pee.
    I want snacks, too. Yuck. I gained so much weight lately. It's that DEPO Provera shot. Ughhhh. I can't stop craaaaaving...
    Oh, apparently my friend got pregnant on it. Thank God we use condoms as well.

    Okay. Blah. Gonna go read online about Flat-Earthers.


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