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  1. I last updated my blog. I seem to always go on these hiatuses, sometimes they last only for a few months, other times much longer. And I seem to always come back. I suspect it's mostly because I still like HF, after all I have made some nice memories on here.

    Things seem to have changed a lot around here over the years, and especially as of late. I had been wondering what was going on, until a few days ago I came across what I believe to be a contributing factor in this recent change in the overall vibe of HF. I mean, this place has always attracted those whose interests include engaging in discussions about sexual matters. I have been quite active in the appropriate sections of the site myself. However, in the recent years it seems that more and more people are becoming members here solely for their sexual gratification. And I had wondered why the sudden increase in the number of new posters only posting sleazy things, usually just once. I can totally appreciate these topics being discussed in an intelligent manner, with good logic and stuff, but I don't know folks, what I've been seeing lately is far from that.

    The possible answer to this phenomenon might be what I found the other day as I was coming online on HF through my search engine of choice. I don't have HF bookmarked, so I just type in "hip forums" and search every time I come here. What I found a few days ago among the hits I got for "hip forums" was a particular website that dealt with dating/hookup type topic, which had this list of dating/hookup sites. Among which was, for the weirdest reason, Hip Forums, with an even more strange sounding description that went along the lines of "Hip Forums is a great, cute dating site". Wait, HF? Dating site?? What the fuck did I miss?!

    So, as an old-timer around here, I've noticed these things and have put two and two together, and it appears that a lot of recent new members just might have seen a list similar to the aforementioned type, or some other recommendation where HF is presented under a skewed light. It's just something that occurred to me. I don't care as long as our new members are here to engage in intelligent, meaningful discussions on any topic, sexual or not. And hey, if sexual gratification is achieved as the result of being a solid, personable member then that's totally fine in my book.

    Maybe I'm getting older than I'd like to admit I am, and my attitude is no longer as free-spirited as it once was. Or, maybe I make sense. Whichever way it is, I felt like writing a blog about it. Ah, HF. Good to be back, lol.
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