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  1. I was 17 and pregnant when I got married. I had only been with one other guy before I got married. Hubby did 4 years in the Coast Guard and I had 2 baby girls . Hubby ( Tom) knew that I needed more and it turned me on when we would read stories about wife sharing., so we tried it with 3 different guys we know on 3 different times. After that I was convinced that all guys had small dicks and came too soon! There was a couple that lived close by about our age hubby had grown up knowing the husband, Bill . They had 2 girls the same age as ours that went to a better school in another district. That's where I came in. Bill worked 6am to 3 and his wife Di was a nurse and worked 3pm to midnight, so we made a deal our girls would go to their school and I would pick up all 4 then Bill would get their girls after work . That meant that I was seeing a lot of Bill. We became very close friends! Hubby worked late a lot . As summer approached I started dressing a little more revelling. One day I was talking with Di and she mentioned that she really wasn't much into sex anymore and that Bill wanted to Fuck all the time. Then she said that she would be ok if he found a Fuck Buddy. This really got me fantasizing about fucking Bill . About a month went by and we had a cook out with about 6 couples. Di wasn't drinking because she had to work a 24 hour shift . Hubby drank too much to early and as the other couples left he went and laid down. Bill said that he would help me to clean up . I was wearing a one piece yellow sleeveless summer dress and Bill started bumping into me. I could feel his Cock as he grabbed me and hug me , we kissed, oh how much I wanted Him ! I told him to get us a beer and was going to check on hubby and meet him on the back deck. As I expected Tom was awake and had been watching us. I told him Not to interrupt us! That I wanted to do this and not to let Bill know that he was awake. Tom said okay but made me leave him my panties . I went out to Bill and we started making out! He asked about Tom and I said that Tom was passed out. He ran his hand up my legs and found my bare Ass and asked what happened to my panties! I said that I took them off to save time ! Bill suggested that we go to his truck . When we got to his truck we took a couple tokes from his pipe ! My head was spinning , he kissed me and unzip my dress I was now Nude and he started to suck my tiny tits as I was sitting on the edge of his seat . He took his shirt off then dropped his pants down. His Cock was So Big! I made him sit on his front seat as I stroked his Cock! I wanted to suck it! The head reminded me of a large purple Plum !