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  • SexyShy
    Blog: SexyShy's blog. By SexyShy at 2:22 AM.
    Alright all to this sorta thing but thought I would give it a go. So there is 15 years between me and me sexual parnter..... yes I am the youngest and he is the older man. We have AMAZING sex , literally amazing .... we only kiss for a few seconds and we ready!! Even our kisses are sexy,seductive,passionate ...just great! We have...
  • Mar
    Barefoot Rick
    Blog: Barefoot Rick's blog. By Barefoot Rick at 7:59 PM.
    Today i and a friend of mine went to a Chinese buffet. And yes i went barefoot like i always do. I got a lot of crazy looks and people where talking i could here them . As we sat down the hostess looked at my bare feet and ask if i had shoes i said no i have gout and i can't where shoes or flip/ flops and she said oh ok i asked am i ok to eat...
  • Eric Ritchie
    Blog: Eric Ritchie's blog. By Eric Ritchie at 2:23 PM.
    Can't wait to get my beans , I am the green thumb!!
  • Mar
    Eric Ritchie
    Blog: Eric Ritchie's blog. By Eric Ritchie at 2:20 PM.
    Me and my sexy ass wife was going to get a thteesome, but she can't see me fuckanother,woman!! That sucks! But she will be with me and another man!.Well sporty babe! Still love ya!!!!!
  • Fallingstarshower
    Hello. Still trying to figure this site out. I'm in college and still living at home. So for as long as I can remember I've always enjoyed being nude. I would go out to parks and trails and secretly go on walks whenever I could find the spot and the chance. I would spend time in my room naked after my nightly showers. Recently I began...