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  • NatWilson
    Blog: NatWilson's blog. By NatWilson at 7:32 AM.
    When you have children, life can feel very stressful. We all need ways to relax, but when you’re a mum, finding that time to relax or spend time alone can be difficult. Whilst you may not have the money or time to spend a weekend away in a luxury spa, there are some ways that you can de-stress easily at home. Go Out And Spend Time With...
  • FrostyDog
    Blog: FrostyDog's blog. By FrostyDog at 8:49 AM.
    I used to be a "Christian". And this Sunday morning, while my wife goes with my daughter and her kids to community church ( which is IMO like kidding "lite") I thought I might post about my experience with Christianity and just why I just cannot believe in it anymore! I became a "Christian" when I was about 24 years old. I...
  • FrostyDog
    Blog: FrostyDog's blog. By FrostyDog at 2:50 PM.
    Just call me Frostydog or Frosty or whatever. I live at the edge of the Appalachian mountains in the state of Georgia in the USA. I am married ( my second marriage) and I have three kids and four grandkids. I am losing my hair, and really just don't care. I think about the past a lot. I remember how things were when I was a child and wish my...
  • Friar Turk
    The Bobcat's Den full of Chickens and Hens unfenced in with dark sky foreboding and rust blood supervening Hurricane SoulWind Sugar and Ice bet the BobTail Twice Monsters of Pen and Mikes Angelo's Prism in Island Supreme 8 Hits of Acid /10 Points of Glam Keep the Kids Out of the Hall Down in the squall the Portly Bellow Aims Anvils Captain,...
  • Sep
    Barefoot Rick
    Blog: Barefoot Rick's blog. By Barefoot Rick at 12:43 PM.
    The lady at the dealership that was barefoot saw me and after a few minutes she ask me if I'm always barefoot i said yes 24/7 all year around. She said that I'm the only guy that she has meet that like to be barefoot 24/7. We talk and i said that she was the first lady i saw with her bare feet so dirty. She loves to get the bottoms of her bare...