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  • May
    Forever Blackburn
    I'd appreciate a little feedback on a legitimate research chemical co in the US that is not a scam please.
  • May
    Barefoot Rick
    Blog: Barefoot Rick's blog. By Barefoot Rick at 9:02 PM.
    Hi everybody it’s been raining here in Utah for a week now and the temperatures have gone from the 60 and up to 70’s now the temperatures are in the 50’s to 54 and the night in the 40’s . But it’s still great barefoot weather and I love the looks I get . And the cool rain feels great on my bare feet.. It takes me back when I love to walk in...
  • Jetz
    Blog: Jetz's blog. By Jetz at 2:03 PM.
    Been very naughty and I have no one who wants to spank me. My wife doesn't want to spank me the way I want to
  • May
    Barefoot Rick
    Blog: Barefoot Rick's blog. By Barefoot Rick at 6:18 PM.
    today me and a friend of mine went to go see John wick 3 and yes I went barefoot. And it has been raining here for a week and the rain feel great on my bare feet. The employees didn’t say a word but I did get a smile from a girl that works there. I saw a lot of people in sandals and as we got to our seats I could hear the couple next to us say...
  • May
    Blog: Jenny9595's blog. By Jenny9595 at 10:40 PM.
    I hope no one minded me indulging myself by discussing my recent experience. I felt as it was this issue that brought me to the forum, and I was given loads of really helpful advice, that it would close the loop. Don’t expect me to keep in documenting all my intimate moments, but I am really enjoying being part of your community and plan to...