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  • Iwearhoz
    Blog: Iwearhoz's blog. By Iwearhoz at 5:55 PM.
    Hello everyone, I am a 42 yo married, straight male who enjoys wearing pantyhose. My wife knows of this and let’s me “dress up.” Sometimes I wear them under my jeans in public, and other times I wear them to sleep in or have sex. Not only do they feel nice, they also keep my legs warm during the colder months. I love the way they feel and look...
  • Nov
    Barefoot Rick
    Blog: Barefoot Rick's blog. By Barefoot Rick at 4:25 PM.
    Hi everybody today i had a friend call and ask what i qas doing and if i would like to have dinner at his place. I said yes and he asked if i will be barefoot i said like always he said good . He has a footfebish and he loves bare feet men and women. And he loves looking at my bare feet. He likes to rud my bare feet .Will when i got their he...
  • Barefoot Rick
    Blog: Barefoot Rick's blog. By Barefoot Rick at 3:55 AM.
    Hi everyone here in Utah it's been cold the morning's. Like in the high 20s and the day's are in the 40's and50s. And I'm the only one in a coat and in bare feet. I get a lot of looks and a lot of questions and i answer them. People think I'm crazy and they tell me that sooner or later i will lose a toe. Buti have been going barefoot for over...
  • Oct
    Alice in SC
    Blog: Alice in SC's blog. By Alice in SC at 1:52 AM.
    I was 17 and pregnant when I got married. I had only been with one other guy before I got married. Hubby did 4 years in the Coast Guard and I had 2 baby girls . Hubby ( Tom) knew that I needed more and it turned me on when we would read stories about wife sharing., so we tried it with 3 different guys we know on 3 different times. After that...
  • Oct
    Barefoot Rick
    Blog: Barefoot Rick's blog. By Barefoot Rick at 4:32 PM.
    A every nice day the weather is great and it's great barefoot weather. The leaves are falling of the tree's and it feels great as they crunch under my bare feet i love how it sounds and feels. Will today i went to Wal-Mart barefoot and people looked at my bare feet and some of them i could hear that they should have gone barefoot instead of...