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  • Friar Turk
    As soon as it first appeared in 1953, this novel by the great Saul Bellow was hailed as an American classic. Augie, the exuberant narrator-hero is a poor Chicago boy growing up during the Great Deptression. A “born recruit,” Augie makes himself available for a series of occupations, then proudly rejects each one as unworthy. His own oddity is...
  • Apr
    Friar Turk
    Surely it wasn't the storm of dusty bones........... the evanescent rose parading hematite growth grown by the light of hermetically sealed tomes under and within the canopy of fresh-aired domes bitter colonists working at redrock through dim shadow to be banished from the good star sphere and marked in their aching minds with acid gamma and...
  • JudithJ1337
    Blog: JudithJ1337's blog. By JudithJ1337 at 12:33 AM.
    3 - 29 - 21 So my girl friends (the ladies I swing with) took me out for dinner tonight (sorry if you got a message from my friend, she likes to pull shit like that with all of us). We got back to my apartment a little bit ago. They're staying the night with me and wanted me to make a post about them since I've mentioned HIP a few times to...
  • Mar
    Friar Turk
    Xanadu announces programmable photonic quantum chip able to execute multiple algorithms (
  • Mar
    Friar Turk
    Anemia Identified | Free genetic testing from Agios, to diagnose patients with chronic anemiasTransport of Oxygen in the Blood | Biology for Majors II ( Blood vessels - Cellular respiration and transport - Edexcel - GCSE Biology (Single Science) Revision - Edexcel - BBC Bitesize Heme - Definition, Structure and Function...

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