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  • old tiger
    Blog: old tiger's Blog. By old tiger at 5:23 AM.
    posting nr.1= flying to Colombo with Qatar Airways..(2014)) I always wanted to visit Sri Lanka as a made me think of tea,rice paddy fields,sunny weather,Buddhism,tropical vegetation on a nice March day in 2014 i set off towards Brussels airport and stayed the night before my departure in the excellent youth hostel around...
  • Alternative_Thinker
    Blog: The AT Blog. By Alternative_Thinker at 2:50 AM.
    Advice shared between two friends is free. It's not some kind of life consultation session where you sit down with your friend and discuss what they need to do in order to get out of whatever shit they've somehow gotten themselves into, then proceed to receive a consultation fee. Friends help out, you know. You want to see your friend excel in...
  • Deidre
    Blog: Deidre's Diary . By Deidre at 7:22 PM.
    It seems really strange that someone would dislike his/her own ethnicity, but my father does. Some of you may have read a blog of mine from last year, that talked about how my dad shared with me that I'm roughly 1/3 middle eastern. This was something he kept from me all of my life, until last year. He didn't know however, until he was an adult,...
  • Deidre
    Blog: Deidre's Diary . By Deidre at 4:22 PM.
    Sometimes, I wish there was a refreshing narrative out there, that would wow me. That would be so astonishingly different, that I'd nearly pee my pants. But, all the narratives seem like herd mentality gone wild. Political narratives, PC narratives, feminism narratives, sexual narratives, and on and on it goes. Boring. I fall prey to preaching...
  • Apr
    Barefoot Rick
    Blog: Barefoot Rick's blog. By Barefoot Rick at 12:50 PM.
    Will yesterday my parents came to visit with me and stay the night because they have doctors appointments on Monday. So today they ask if i can take then but if i do i have to wear at least flip/flops. I never wear any type of shoes I'm 100%barefoot all the time . But my Dad doesn't like me going barefoot. He says that real men wear shoes not...
  • Apr
    Blog: Deidre's Diary . By Deidre at 1:56 PM.
    Sitting here still, watching the rain. There's something about a rainstorm that's calming and comforting. As the water hits the pavement and slickers the grass, it feels like it's instructing me to stay still. There's no rush, I don't need to leave the house. It's okay to do nothing for a moment, or two. The stillness and quiet feels good. I...
  • Apr
    Blog: jmoore0101's blog. By jmoore0101 at 1:49 PM.
    My man. Laying, naked, on the bed. On his stomach. Waiting for me. I straddle him resting my hard cock on the crack of his ass. I rub his broad muscular shoulders. I am white. He is black. We met on a hookup app but have become friends. We see each other as often as we can and are close friends as far as anyone else knows. He is gay....
  • cincy
    Blog: cincy's blog. By cincy at 11:26 AM.
    She is not a classic dominant, and will not demand or punish, but she will usually get her own way, and will never do any thing she does does not want to do. I am the one who is a little kinky and I think she likes it, she does go along with most of it. Maybe I am topping from the bottom but that is slowly changing. My wife is doing good,...
  • Friar Turk
    Your Body of Clay, wet with Blue and Haze Hazy BlueBirds flying up the Chimney Flue Mist in your Body and Mist in Your Soul Mist on the hil where the Rocks Stroll Sisyphus roll and Sisyphus Drum A thoushand times or more a Mercurial Hum DO IT AGAIN:, in fervour call for More IN EVERY SEASON:, a Task and a Chore A little Incantation for the...
  • Barefoot Rick
    Blog: Barefoot Rick's blog. By Barefoot Rick at 4:53 PM.
    Today it rained and then turned in to snow. And as always I'm barefoot and it was in the 30's. But like yesterday it was almost in the 70's and perfect weather for bare feet. And to it is a good day to be barefoot but most people looked at me like i was crazy but it felt so good to feel the rain and snow on my bare feet. And i had a couple ask...
  • Deidre
    Blog: Deidre's Diary . By Deidre at 4:48 PM.
    Dear grandma; It goes without saying, that ever since you left, my life hasn't been the same. I have a good life, though. You'd be very happy for me. I married an amazing man last year, you knew him. You met him. He was a good friend of mine, and he would come to your house to fix things when I was between boyfriends. You always made him a...
  • Apr
    Denise T
    Blog: Denise T's blog. By Denise T at 6:30 AM.
    [IMG] So this is an experience I've had with pigs. Awhile back our neighbors boar got out of his pen and was roaming the neighborhood terrorizing anyone or anything that got in his way. The people who owned him were away for the day so my step dad told me to take the dogs and see if I could do something about this unruly situation. So I found...
  • Apr
    Denise T
    Blog: Denise T's blog. By Denise T at 4:34 PM.
  • Friar Turk
    In the 2nd round Foreman plugged his victim with an innocent punch while looking forward to after-the-fight, he'd be drinking a Daquiri Then head out on his yacht straight for Gastonbury Singing Vespers to the Muse and Mad at the Furies Humming like a bumblebee and stinging like a Bird Painting his elephants in Dali Frisco Pointillist...
  • Deidre
    Blog: Deidre's Diary . By Deidre at 4:13 PM.
    While I consider myself spiritual now, there was a time when I was very religious, about five years ago. I left Christianity then, and waded through atheism and Buddhism, for a few years. I eventually came back to belief in God. I share this because I think it was when I was super religious, that I bought into the idea that sex outside of...
  • Apr
    old tiger
    Blog: old tiger's Blog. By old tiger at 6:24 AM.
    One fine day...i must go back to Ozora near the Balaton lake in Hungary.. a 7 day non stop rave party..with lots of stages,great environment,great folks and superb vibes... [MEDIA]
  • etherea
    Blog: etherea's Blog. By etherea at 6:06 AM.
    The royal family and every sycophantic follower and hanger-on make me sick to the back teeth! Like they're fucking interested in the welfare of their "subjects" or what is going on politically, socially or morally in their realm. The old, racist, misogynistic and down right rude husband of the queen has had a problem with his hip for the past...
  • Apr
    Blog: Deidre's Diary . By Deidre at 3:30 PM.
    I was talking with someone today about expectations, how we sometimes have totally unrealistic ones, of others and even ourselves. When I was an atheist, I had unrealistic expectations of who or what I thought a god should be. I'm not following religion anymore, but believe, again. I have stopped expecting God to do what I wish, and likewise,...
  • Barefoot Rick
    Blog: Barefoot Rick's blog. By Barefoot Rick at 5:00 PM.
    Now today is great the weather is nice it's in the 70's and i went for a walk on a trail that i know and it was pack. People and there kids and dogs walking and i was the only one barefoot. Yes i had people looking at my bare feet. And i could hear kids saying mom can i go barefoot like that guy? And i can hear the mom and dad go he isn't...
  • nr3c
    Blog: Barefoot at home Blog. By nr3c at 7:49 AM.
    To have somebody to talk to about going barefoot today