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  • neonspectraltoast
    One day, Asian Poppenfresh had a new attitude. He was so totally fresh. He wasn't saying anything cool, but he was just feeling fantastic. He felt wonderfully about himself. “How are you, Asian?” asked Professor Hellcat. “I'm grrr-eat!” Asian replied. “Your sarcasm is duly noted,” said Professor Hellcat. “Grrr!” Asian growled. “Get outta...
  • Sep
    Barefoot Rick
    Blog: Barefoot Rick's blog. By Barefoot Rick at 12:12 PM.
    Today is a great barefoot day I was helping a friend out and I have known him for 30 years and he lives in the mountain and it’s a little community and clothes are not to be warn at anytime. So it was different string trimming and cut the lawn was the greatest day of my life and I will feel you in on the rest later keep barefooting
  • neonspectraltoast
    Rebecca Vonloudiff was a brave, courageous woman, and her son was special! She would not let anybody bully her son! And then one day she died. Yes, her son was griefstricken. Many wished him well. Anyone who wronged him, though, would soon be visited by the grave spirit of Rebecca Vonloudiff, like a ghost, but a zombie ghost. Albert...
  • Aug
    Friar Turk
    balnéaire --- Sea-Side coutoumier - customary bassin - basin parvenu - managed parvenir - to reach chauffage - heating
  • Aug
    Blog: etherea's Blog. By etherea at 4:45 AM.
    A euphemism for we want to leave the EU without a deal so the parliamentary process can go fuck itself! This is not moral, this is not democratic and how the fuck can this be legal? I do not give a rat's arse whether a person is pro or anti Europe! No-one with an ounce of decency on either side of the debate should believe that this is...