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  • Feb
    Blog: Wtf am I doing here?. By Americunt at 3:41 PM.
    Yesterday I found out how much I'm getting for a bonus, so today my car took a shit (again), and my stepson broke his school iPad. I bought movie tickets yesterday for this weekend, and now I won't even be able to get to the fucking theatre.
  • Feb
    Blog: Ashley.Carr's blog. By Ashley.Carr at 3:22 PM.
    trying to find some flight 300 adult pills. Someone help please!!
  • Alternative_Thinker
    Well, first off, thank you to those of you who have liked my last blog entry, and to those who follow my blog now! Now what the fuck am I going to talk about here? LOL Anyway, It's been almost a month since I've become active on here again, and I must say HF never disappoints! It's still the same old drama-filled place where new members are...
    As Yule arrived so too; it seemed, the “Virus of the mind”. Already dealing with a number of family issues, the news that my Mother had been taken into hospital with conditions that required contradictory treatment, saw my emotional stability significantly stretched. Along with processes promoted by my employer that taxed both logistical and...
  • Danny0195
    Blog: Danny0195's blog. By Danny0195 at 7:14 PM.
    when i first had sex with my mom i came home acted like i was super drunk told my mom i was getting in the shower and went upstairs and hid my gopro on record facing the door so i was in view aswell i made a loud bang and pretended to be asleep then my mom came upstairs to see if i was ok and she walked in on me lying there naked she tried...
  • Americunt
    Blog: Wtf am I doing here?. By Americunt at 2:58 PM.
    Yesterday was day 1 of training for OLG, and it went better than expected. She was take and picked things up quickly. "Maybe everything is working out", I say to myself. Lawl. Today I got to work and she told me that her packaging coworkers complained all day yesterday, and they told their boss' boss what was going on. Apparently she didn't...
  • Feb
    Blog: lion1978's Blog. By lion1978 at 3:36 AM.
    My time has come there is only one way now. The choice I must make Holding the knife so tightly, I close my eyes. Kneel. I feel the pain of the blade cutting across my guts, I know it will be a long and painfull death, But I fear it not for I am ready. How got to this point is no longer important. Now there is no pain left. I have left me...
  • old tiger
    Blog: old tiger's Blog. By old tiger at 1:03 AM.
    As i said before in my earlier postings throughout this forum i love the music from the 60+70's we got 3 DJ's in Belgium who still turn that kind of music...all of them are close friends... coming saturday mr.Kite(Jimmy)turns in a pub called café Belge at Leuven... Leuven is a famous university town..gig this time=no entry fee and it goes until...
  • Feb
    Blog: Deidre's Diary . By Deidre at 6:16 PM.
    Don't have much to say today, but I just wanted to share a random observation. Probably everyone notices this, but no one seems to care. I don't know. I find that social media, forums, etc...there are so many people trying to one up each other, with the wittiest saying, or catch phrase. It would be refreshing if people were more real on the...
  • Americunt
    Blog: Wtf am I doing here?. By Americunt at 12:59 PM.
    So here I am, just shy of a week from the day that my senile coworker got mad at our boss and quit. I've been having such a wonderful time of it all- from the dirty looks, to the people spying on me through the lab windows. I am Wondergirl, the only person left in the plant that knows how to fully run this lab, and yet instead of accepting the...
  • CollectiveMind
    Blog: CollectiveMind's blog. By CollectiveMind at 4:15 PM.
    Hello hip-forums world!! i have a piece of information that some of you could use! its an e-book all about multiple orgasm triggers for her and him This is something that can save relationships and bond people closer together. Also its a subject that most people don't really talk about. I mean think about it, if people want to eat tide...
  • old tiger
    Blog: old tiger's Blog. By old tiger at 4:19 PM.
    In Belgium we are really spoiled what Goa raves are concerned...starting from february or in fact the whole year round we have the possibility to assist raves,some of them free even,some of them in halls and some of them in open air like the one here in this you tube...i know lots of people in this video since i frequent raves very often since...
  • Alternative_Thinker
    There were times when I was very much active here on Hip Forums. I had made some really cool friends, had great conversations, and also gotten sucked into the internet drama. I remember the first hiatus that I went on was just a few months after I first joined this site way back in 2005. Then another hiatus in 2006. After that I would pop back...
  • Jan
    old tiger
    Blog: old tiger's Blog. By old tiger at 1:22 AM.
    well...just to all let you know that the gig Goa trance psy scene is a very intensive activity.. i could easily go to a gig every weekend starting from the month of March..the big events are mostly Boom(Portugal)or Ozora(Hungary)Boom happens only every 2 years,Ozora is a yearly event,but all over Europe there are many gigs going on...the...
  • oldwolf
    Blog: oldwolf's Blog. By oldwolf at 2:21 PM.
    When the time circles round And comes to bite you on your ass You know that what you have not done May never get to Be. Well damn, went to write something else and this shows up .... All Be Comes appropriate if we listen closely :.... Did you know ? I read and re-read again and again all that I send to you, especially from...
  • Friar Turk
    druid princess in austin, so naked and provocative waiting for a foolin ship of mercenaries and street-junkies and a fool ship shippin' fools for the longcount count of longships a druid fool captainin' counts of longcalls mayan or aztec pomegranate avid avocado throes and monkey keys terrible real estate on jupiters' moons composers of...
  • etherea
    Blog: etherea's Blog. By etherea at 5:23 AM.
    My children defy belief sometimes: Firstly: my eldest daughter ( aged over 40 with adult children and a partner by the way) phoned here at 10.30 pm Saturday 23rd December. Her and a friend had apparently been out for the evening, decided to catch the train home. They were clearly a little bit tipsy, missed their stop(fuck knows how) and had to...
  • GeorgeJetStoned
    I'm watching in utter non-surprise as the passage of the Trump tax plan (I know, other people wrote it of course) has most of the media in full blown spew mode. Even some of the most rabid anti-Trump reporting services (hard to call them news anymore) seem to be regurgitating the stats of who will see more cash in their wallet in the next...
  • Friar Turk
    two 'decent' poems Inbox x [IMG] Glenn Joh,n A Tribute to Arthur C. Clarke Childhood's End began with the Apollo Mission Skipping on the moon was not play The stuff of boyhood dreams for everyone to see It was star-runners measuring mans foothold in waking eternity Stepping out amidst planets and moons was akin to rebellion against parents,...
  • Friar Turk
    the spirit passes through different prisms in different ways sometimes it is a drop of sunlight when the night has been so long and wearisome that you can hardly remember the day when the long shadow of your soul awakens to some cold hard truth that you never thought would come alive to yourself and noone else and unexpectedly it feels alright...