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  • Jan
    Blog: Shireen's blog. By Shireen at 7:51 PM.
    Today I feel odd and wanted to write in public but in a hippie forum where I was dreaming to share my life stories. I do believe that only the people near to nature can feel another person. My life has very strange situation. I have already finished four relationships and all those four were ended up after 4 years. It is always very romantic...
  • Jan
    Barefoot Rick
    Blog: Barefoot Rick's blog. By Barefoot Rick at 7:45 PM.
    Hi all today was a day that was strange. I went to Wal-Mart to pick up a few things it was not to cold but a lot of fog and sprinkles of rain. As i parked my truck and was walking through the automatic doors . And yes barefoot like always this guy was just looking at me. But i thought he was looking at my dirty bare feet the bottoms where black...
  • Jan
    Barefoot Rick
    Blog: Barefoot Rick's blog. By Barefoot Rick at 7:06 PM.
    Will today i had to go to Wal-Mart to get filters for the heater in my house. So i went to Wal-Mart and yes i was barefoot. And the looks i was getting from people and some employees. Today the temperature got in the 40's and the ground was warm . I had a jacket pants and a hat but barefoot like always. And i even had a lady ask me if i was ok...
  • Jan


    Barefoot Rick
    Blog: Barefoot Rick's blog. By Barefoot Rick at 1:21 PM.
    Hi everybody it was a great Christmas it rained here in Utah on Christmas day and yes i was outside in the rain barefoot. My family( my mom) and some friends came over to get together for Christmas at my house. And everybody that came knows I'm a barefooter for life. But on Christmas day the temperature was only in the 30's and the rain changed...
  • bugsboner
    Blog: bugsboner's blog. By bugsboner at 4:27 AM.
    Hello All As a relative newbie here, still trying to find my way through this forum, I have been mostly pleased and happy to welcomed to this forum, for the most part people have been swell. Unfortunately due to perhaps one too many Christmas beers, a few days ago I posted a controversial thread in the confessions board, that for the most...