You're retaining

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Have you ever been on a diet in your life? No matter what type of diet (for weight loss) you elect, you will inevitably come across this sad problem. During the first week or two you might loose a gargantuan amount of weight. Then, in weeks following, the number of pounds or kilos will have decreased exponentially.
"Whuh hoppen?" you ask.
"You just lost water," some maven would say.
I hate hearing that. That's the kind of thing that you tell someone who is about to deliver a baby. You've just spent two to three weeks buying food that is fat free, sugar free, fiber rich, protein rich, or that simply tastes like crap. You drop some significant poundage and you think you are on your way to being normal. Then BOOM! You're hit with that water notice. Why can't they tell you that you have a low metabolism or that you have a thyroid condition?
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