Yah Namaste

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Opening To You
Opening the Heart
Opening the Mind

Fill me with your Being
Come closer yet, O initiator of my experiences
Spirit of the One
Which Became so much more in the All

Each has so much Potential
To Become yet another All
Open O my Being

Taking on those fields of separation -
That allow me to distinguish myself from thee
For in separation -
I am not the grass or the river
Or the stones or the sea
Still I am me
But in opening all of me - I become thee
Before Now - IS........Was, Will Be

Rise up O my being take back what was allways yours
...... Be

Before Is, Was, and Will be
All Grows Whole into the One
Open O my Being -
No longer thee and me
But us together as One

Separation, an Illusion
Back Home ... me in thee, thee in me

Yah Namaste
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