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This place was about 15 kms away from Krakow town..
the salt mines there...are worthwhile a visit..it's fabulous...
this mine is in use for a very long time..we went down by lift..
for a coalminer like myself..a daily routine..it was part of my job..
as a coalminer in Belgium..I worked at level 789m below ground..
it was dusty...hot..claustrofobic..dangerous..but I loved the job..
the pay was good..and we got the possibility..to take leave..
as we wanted..so..that's how I could do this trip towards Poland...
this saltmine..got lots of tunnels..what's amazing...is the carvings
done into the salt..a whole cathedral is carved out in one corridor..
furthermore we saw statues,monuments etc...all carved out..
I believe it was about 130m below ground??the visit was excellent..
felt bit cold there..in this mine.there's an underground sanatorium
for treatments of respiratory and allergic diseases..
we bought some *sol*=salt..as a souvenir..good for footbaths..
if you peeps ever be around Krakow..please visit this mine....
a link for this mine.. http://www.kopalnia.pl/home.php?action=&id_language=2&
we went back to Krakow..and then by train to Poznan..
our Polish holiday was a really great experience..
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