When the garments no longer accommodate...

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Used to be the body got big(ger) and the clothing got tighter. Pants and shirts were then sent off to the Goodwill and new(er) clothing were obtain through the second-hand shop. Why bother buying new clothing that's for "fat" people when this is only a momentary, temporary, transitory, effemeral state of being?
That was my life.
Now I have lost a lot of weight and the body got small(er) and the clothing fell off. Pants and shirts that were no longer appropriately sized got put into a pile to be sent off to the Goodwill, however, instead of making in there, they are sitting in the pile on the floor.
My weight loss has kind of stopped. I have to get back onto the excitement curve and I just don't feel it happening. Not wanting to go back on the lifelong diet sort of distresses me.
The idea of being on an excitement curve throughout the course of life seems and sounds rather silly... perhaps even obnoxious. I don't know what else to call it. Still, I have about 20-30 American pounds to go and it isn't going to come off with little snick-snacks of peanut butter and jelly on rye.
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