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Well come? No, thanks; I'll have top-shelf.

I love blogs. I have another blog that I've had forever and ever, but I shant share that because there is too much penile activity on it.

So what brings me here today? I have a question in my mind that has stemmed from my current/looming breakup. And it goes a little something like this: Can you/ How can you/ How should you/ Are you a fucking asshole if you- break up with some of your current friends?

I've been hanging out with some people for around 2 years now that I don't think are the "best fit" for me. I guess I just liked hanging out with someone instead of no one, and, as selfish as it is, I liked smoking their weed. They are huge potheads so they don't mind me smoking with them occasionally. I feel as though I need to move on and find friends that I have more in common with. Maybe I'll just hang out fewer times a month. I'm just in a funk, I think. Whatever. Why did I write this? It's boring. Basically, I'm a selfish asshole for hanging out with these people when I don't like them all that much, and now I'm bored and want new, better friends. But why should I deserve better friends? We'll see what happens.

Well, I will see what happens. You won't. Now get out of my house.
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