Waysharing (Continued)

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Life is but a myriad of opportunities presented when few can be chosen, and many unchosen for the one chosen.

And yet at any time we, as our own creators, can weight our decisions in different directions, which will slowly tip the tide toward that direction ....

Actions and Awareness of results; being true to Self, with no excuses nor denials, become one of the greatest things we can gift ourselves.

And giving over to the higherSelf become obvious choices offered to us again and again that would lead to the best for all and self "¦. and we Know this - "¦.

If you've ever been around someone who has done this , then you know that humility and service are keys that work so well in helping others find their own Way"¦..for the Way of 1 is unique (we all Iive alone inside our heads, which spend so much time talking to us, drowning out the magnificence of Existence).

So if in any way my attempts to share have in any way helped another to come home to embrace their Self and act as such "¦..

Blessed Be
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