Walking barefoot

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Hi everybody,
Today has been a great day not to cold and great weather to be barefoot. So today me and one of my best friend went for a walk it was a little too windy to go fishing so we got to where we walk and there was a few people their getting ready to walk. When I got out of my truck I notice that the people that was next to us they where looking at my bare feet. And I heard one of them say that it’s Illegal to drive barefoot. I looked at them and I said no it’s not you can drive and it is saver then wearing flip flops. They said oh and that they Were talking about my bare feet I said it’s ok I’m use to it I never wear shoes or socks I’m barefoot all year around and I have been barefoot for over 27 years and it a great lifestyle and I save a lot of money not buying shoes or socks . So they asked if they could walk with us and we said yeah . I ask why and they wanted to why I’m barefoot all the time and they ask me if I go by a nickname I said yes barefoot Rick and one of the ladies said that her sister know me and that me and my friend walk a long ways and that I do it in my bare feet. And the lady said wow I don’t know any guy that go barefoot like you barefoot Rick. I said a lot of guy’s don’t go barefoot like I do I go everywhere barefoot the like to doctors appointments the Grocery stores to restaurants and to the movie theater. I even go hiking, camping, fishing and hunting barefoot and I drive barefoot I Actually drive better barefoot then wearing flip flops . So we walked and talked and the ladies that walked with us were amazed that I can walk 10 miles in my bare feet and my bare feet don’t hurt. All four ladies were just like man . They ask me if I was married or I have a girlfriend I told them no on Both some girls didn’t like that I was barefoot more then they do. And some ladies just think it’s Gross and some ladies think that guy’s toes are gross and that our feet smell really bad. But the ladies today said that I have good looking toes for a guy and I said thank you and I do take care of my bare feet I get pedicures every month and I make sure that the tops of my bare feet are clean the solos can get jet black I’m ok with that . Today has been a great barefoot day and when we got back to the parking lot we said goodbye and the ladies said I hope we can do that again and two of the ladies said that they are going to walk barefoot I told them bring some flip flops because their feet are going to hurt bad. They said ok and one ask me if I’m barefoot in the snow and my friend said oh hell yeah he is he removes the snow with his snowblower and he does it barefoot he is the only one that I know who does it barefoot the ladies said wow you’re crazy and they Laughed . We are going walking tomorrow and I’m hoping that we can walk a little farther. Will everybody keep barefooting
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