Vote For The Biggest Asshole

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The US needs a grade A certified prick in the top seat. Don't get me wrong, I had high hopes for Obama, but he was too much for not enough time. The US is famous for incremental changes that are very very slow. Everyone who rushes the process gets fucked. I have never liked Trump, he's an arrogant bastard who lets his narrow opinion rule him even when he should shut the fuck up and read a brief on the issue first. The image of him throwing a finger is exactly what I see.

But, after so many decades of wimps in the white house, it's time we had a rude, ugly American out front. I used to like Bernie till he pulled the race card, making him look pretty foolish. Hey Bernie, I had to put foil on my TV antenna to pick up The Jeffersons, and I'm white. But Bernie really lost the respect of world leaders when he let a couple of girls ruin his rally. Bernie's just not enough of an asshole when it counts.

I don't think the Clintons can pull it off, but she's certainly a massive asshole. She and Bill together make an asshole the size of Arkansas. But they are still trying to use the old playbook, the one that created "The Clinton Machine". The same one that was so easily trashed by Obama by simply holding up the race card (Hillary was more qualified and we all know it). As tough as Obama was in the primaries and beyond, it's weird how after the election he embarks on the World Apology Tour to denigrate the country that made him possible.

If Trump wins, I predict war. However, I predict decisive war. Not this rules of engagement nonsense that started in Korea and Vietnam. If Clinton wins I predict the same kind of war that Obama is currently waging and has been doing since he toppled Gaddafi in Libya. Bill payed a lot of bribes to keep radical Islam from attacking the US. Bill payed the school bullies off basically. When GW took the throne, he shut off the river of bribe money. Less than a year later we got 9/11.

Instead of trying to draw a straight line between cause and effect like the press is inclined to do, perhaps tracking the patterns of incompetence would be better. A 6-Sigma/FMEA approach maybe. I predict attempts on Trump's life, but I think his family is where the real peril will lie. We see lots of people willing to cross the line over words these days. So much hatred that kids are no longer off limits? If that's the case, I fear for the Obama daughters.

We can't have 1 side that plays by the rules and 1 side that feels the rules are racist and don't apply to them. That's one of the biggest issues we face as a nation. If we can get beyond it, we can turn this nation's policy once again to the best interests of the Americans. As long as people allow themselves to be knocked off balance on issues like race, politics and faith, we're screwed as Americans. Sure, the US has had some very rough spots in history, consider how many of those were inherited and/or complicated from England? France? Spain? Holland? Portugal? We're so far beyond that and the model created by the founders is still one of the best examples of compromise and flexibility in history.

Respect that. And respect the numbers of Americans there are. How dare anyone sell us short. Americans feed a LOT of people on this planet outside of the US borders. We're generally a generous lot. Celebrate our progress, not our sordid past. For a long time the destiny of the US was very precarious. We're like the charter school of the planet!
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