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Next day..was our last day in Oslo..we were gonna take a train north..
towards Trondheim..we went to the central railway station..
to book an overnight sleeper..we made a whole itinerary by trainpass..
it would take us first to Trondheim..that's central Norway..
then Andalsnes..trip to Geiranger fjord by bus..
then towards Lillehammer+Elverum..after that Al to visit my former girlfriend..
then Flam via Myrdal..after that the city of Bergen..and back to Oslo...
I planned it was a fabulous to remember for sure...
now..Vigeland..listen here..if you're into art and sculpture..don't MISS this..
Gustav Vigeland....put his soul into Vigelandsparken..with 212 sculptures..
where the human being is the central viewpoint..go see his*monolith*...
it's a 121m.high..all human bodies..holding each other..or supporting each other..'s ART with a big A...I tell you...I'll post some pics..
click see the parc in a different angle....
there's a fountain...and a well laid out parc..ideal picknick spot...
this bloke..started in 1924..died in 1942...and in 1950..most of his art was
placed and finished in this Vigeland..don't miss it,please...
we collected our luggage in the railway station...we kept it in a locker..
and took the overnight train to was O.K...
hey...Norvegian trains...are was very comfy..
I'll report about my trip..after travel journal might end up..
in 1996 and 1999 we went to India..for family visits..
I thank you all..for reading my travell adventures...
I might continue it...and keep it as an information thread..
I might stop it??I don't know yet..
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