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it has been quite awhile(it feels) since i last made an entry. i feel this one should be more upbeat. where are we now?


going to film school

december 12th, end of first semester

hemorrhagic stroke(ruptured brain aneurysm), death(8 minutes recorded)

2 heart attacks; 1st when ruptured, 2nd upon revival.

38 day coma

january 11th, 2010

told what happened in "their words" and "understanding" -- in a nut shell, i would never walk or stand on my own again, nor create a thing.

2-3 days later

moved to nursing home

8 months later - august 8th

moved to assisted living

7 light years forward(this year - jan. 28th) - moved independent
february - achived medical cannabis license.

months 3-8 mainly indica strain
this month sativa

7 years, 9 months later(today) going back to physical therapy after regaining my center of balance. this tuesday is another PT/OT session. next month botox eval that very well could give me back my affected side over time with treatment.next thursday - going to go back down to my college to further my re enrollment process.
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