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I recall the trip into Niger as very rough travell..
Fada Ngourma-Kantchari..then border crossing..
some more control then in Ivory Coast..
but my visa was allright...made it in Paris(France)
Niger was one of the poorest countries on earth..
it was in the Sahel belt...this means desert,arid climate,drought..
I saw some Tuaregs in Agadez..this city..is worthwhile..
Agadez is a desert city..it replaced Timbuctu for me...ahah..
tuaregs are nomads..they are called blue men..
because of the clothpiece(tagelmoust)covering their mouth..
it protects them against desert winds on their camel trips..
Tuareg art is extremeley nice..specially their silverware..
I met some Tuaregs around Tahoua and also in Agadez..
great wanderers..their women enjoy a very free status..
but..let me tell you about Niamey...capital of Niger..
Niamey is on the Niger river..like Bamako..
again a Grand March?(marketplace)like in most African capitals..
I went for information about going towards Agadez..
it's mostly on top of a truck..I remember that ride very well..
Niger is a Muslim place..big mosque in Niamey...
eating..no problem here..cheap street stalls with rice/chicken..
I stocked up quite a bit of food for my trip towards Agadez..
a local supermarket in Africa..usually had some stuff from France..
sardines...tinned food..always very usefull..
in the Grand March? great artwork from the Tuareg and Hausa tribes..
as said above..Tuareg silver jewellery is worthwhile..
Hausa made nice leather stuff..I did not buy anything..
prices were not for my purse anyway...
I'll try to find some link about Niger...
next place is Agadez..I loved that place..
it was very desert like..
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