Unhealthy Work Enviorment

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I am a man, and I know what most of you are going to say, "men don't get sexually abuse." Which is true to some extent. I am a young man fairly attractive and enjoy being single. I have been with women 25 yrs older and 3yrs young then me. I am always sure to let them know I am not looking for anything. This Christmas I made a huge mistake.

I just started my job 3 weeks before Christmas, and I haven't got the chance to memorize who is who. So when the Christmas party came around, I was definitely not drink, wouldn't act a fool. Well everybody knows if you go to a party and don't drink, your the designated drive. i really didn't mind, it could only help me, so I thought.

It was a calm party at first, but when the alcohol kicked in, that's when things got crazy. I notice this Asian lady, about late 40's staring at me the whole night. I didn't dare approach, because I didn't know who the doctors were from the nurses. So I just spent the night stealing glances at her and occasionally making eye contact. The rest of the night was okay until it was time to go home. Before I could say anything, I had five people and a couple to drive home. And wouldn't you know it, the Asian lady was one of them.

I dropped off the couple first, followed by a nurse from preop. It was just me, one of the only friends I made at work and this attractive older asian lady. I dropped her off next, and when I saw her house I knew she was an important doctor. She gave me a peck on the cheek and said thanks for the ride. I dropped my buddy off and headed home. My phone started ring, I thought it was my buddy. I answered and it was the Asian lady I dropped off. She said I lost her keys in my car, and wondered if I can come back. I agreed. The hold time back I kept saying to myself, give her the keys and go, don't make a move. Then I thought, how did she get my number?

I pulled up this long driveway made out of brick with landscaping lights on the side. As I got closer, I seen her sitting on the bench by the drive way. She had the sexiest long legs, crossed with her shoe dangling. I gave her the keys and tried to leave, but she said she felt guilty I drove all the way back, and I should come in and have a drink. My mind was screaming NOOOOO!, but when I saw her turn and slow shift her hips side to side while walking up the steps, I said okay.

We had a few drinks and talked, when she said the words that drive men crazy, "I want to slip into something more comfortable. I was waiting for what felt like a half an hour, then she called me. I followed the voice to find her in the hot tube. She told me to joy her, I said, "didn't bring my trunks." She said, "neither did I." I joyed her, and had the most amazing night of my life.

So the following week started off normal, until Wednesday came around. On Wednesday we have meeting with upper management. They tel us how our patient feedback are, discuss any incidence and how to improve. When they where introducing the chief of surgery to address us, I turn to see the lady from the hot tube. I turned around quickly and avoid eye contact. I thought I was in the clear, until my manager called me to meet her. All I could do was smile and say hello. She smiled, and hello. She introduced me to her husband the head of the OR department. When I was leaving she gave me a look that got me so aroused.

Now every Thursday and Friday, I am with her in surgery. We do a lot of Laprascopic cases, so the light are usually off. Most of the time I am working right next to her. She rubs against me, and talks dirty to me in codes with a low voice. I would be lying if I said it didn't effect me. She makes me stay late with her. I try to avoid her room but almost always seem to be place there, by her husband. He is a nice guy, we get a long great, and I feel bad. She literally force me to give her oral. Now I am not complaining, giving oral is my favorite foreplay, but the guilt is too much. She once called her husband, while I was give her oral, and said, "don't wait up for me, I am getting screwed, by all this paper work."

I need to quit, but she is like a drug. Just one more time and that's it. She bought me a 2nd line and sends me pictures of her vagina with the caption, this is what's for dinner. I am in a miserable fantasy.
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