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Next destination was Udaipur..direct bus from Mount Abu..
had to be done by bus trip of 5 hours..
first I thought..Abu Road was linked by rail to Udaipur..
Abu Road is on the railway line to Ahmedabad...
I went to Ammedabad after Udaipur-Ranakpur..
another bus trip..was not looking forward to it too much..
reached Udaipur...and checked in at tourist bungalow for 3 nights..
I wanted to explore this place..and Ranakpur as well..
a tourist bungalow..was a cheap way of accomodation..
usually in dormitory style..with 8 or 16 beds..
I always liked to stay in these places..in Udaipur..great place..
one could even take meals..or get tourist information there..
I felt very relaxed and at ease there...nice and friendly staff..
day 1..just took a shower first..some food..fried eggs/toast..
and went to the city palace....awww..this really was some sight...
Udaipur lies on lake Pichola..built by Maharajah Udai Singh 2..
very ancient..it's one of the best palaces I've ever seen..
it's full of inner courtyards,balconies,nice views over the lake..
I really don't remember all these funny names of all these rooms..
usually ended with *mahal*don't know what that means??
the palace is visited in museum style..guides are available..
but one can wander around alone as well...which I did..
it's really impressiv..i did spend a whole afternoon in this place..
one usually meets with other tourists..Indian or foreign..
the lake palace hotel..is top end accomodation..
it's in the middle of lake Pichola..one has to get there by boat..
prices???ohhhh..not for hippie or backpackers budgets,my friends..
I bet you pay 300 to 600 U.S.dollars for 1 night??
no need to say...luxury abound..swimming pool..maharaja rooms??
Jacqueline Kennedy was a guest there once..
I'll try to get you peeps a link of this hotel..
hey hippie peeps..are you here??????
have a look at this..did I say luxury???
so..Udaipur..if you walk around there in the little side streets..
it's amazing..some houses have these nice paintings..
like in the Shekawathi regio of Rajasthan..pity..never visited..
a Shekawathi village..maybe...maybe..one day..who knows??
I took my food in the tourist bungalow..and took again a shower..
i got really tired from sightseeing the palace..
i walked the whole stuff back to tourist bungalow as well..
apart from that..just wandered around the back alleys of Udaipur..
had a nice chat with some Indian family from Bombay..
damn..Indians can really talk..but..I could as well..ahahah..
crazy tiger
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