two 'decent poems'

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two 'decent' poems

Glenn Joh,n
A Tribute to Arthur C. Clarke

Childhood's End began with the Apollo Mission
Skipping on the moon was not play
The stuff of boyhood dreams for everyone to see
It was star-runners measuring mans foothold in waking eternity

Stepping out amidst planets and moons
was akin to rebellion against parents, but not against God
Like a first date to the Drive-In
And Afterwards there was nothing to see but the full moon

And the Full Moon promised in the sky
A Hope of Better Worlds
For on this One, at the Dawn of the New Man
Fear was still marketed as a commodity

What we needed most was a grasp
of what anti-gravity felt like....what it meant
A sixth of the gravity to hold us down, keep us bound
Material and Resource Lifted at 1/6th the Cost

A new campaign - a new billboard
Electric Cars were already performing
And Hydrogen powered mobiles expected
Clean out the Atmosphere with Technology

I kept driving on without fear
Knowing that those warheads would have to come down
to fund my projects
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