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Tunis..is a town around the sea..the gulf of Tunis..
and the Mediteranean sea give Tunis lots of character..
I always liked towns surrounded by water..Stockholm..waww..
the medina of Tunis is a maze of narrow streets..little bazaar
shops..around the big Mosque...which is very ancient..
no less then 3 souks are situated..each with different style
of goods..one can wander around..just enjoy a mint tea..
or explore carpets,parfums,herbs,henna,groceries,jewelry..
art etc..No need to explain it looked colourful..
since I had to stay 3 days in Tunis..
I took one whole day just walking these souks..
it's really bit tiresome..because touts and vendors..
well..the usual stuff..if they see a foreigner..they wanna sell..
i did have to be very carefull with money as well..
just eating the cheap food like couscous...no splurge..
i recall I was quite run down on day 1 in Tunis..
stayed in a hotel where some other U.K.foreigners were staying..
rather cheap..not that big luxury as well..a shower..does wonders..
second day..I visited the Mosque..never been a big fanatic..
about visting religiuous places...but..I had to kill my time..
the Mosque interior was typical Maghreb styled.
big inner courtyard..loveley decorations anyhow..
the actual prayer place was forbidden for non Muslims..
Tunis is full of Mosques..they are spread all over the town..
day 3...I visited the new part of town..beautiful art nouveau
and colonial style buildings..gates,gardens etc..
did lots of walking these 3 days..was gonna take that boat
to Marseille..and then move north to Paris..I was hoping.
i was gonna get that money from my Dad..
so..finally...my Africa adventure ended in Tunis..
it was one of the most adventurous things..
i ever did in my whole lifetime..in 1986...I went back..
to Africa..Senegal+Gambia..but more in style..plane etc...
I'll try to find a good link on Tunis town..
crazy tiger..
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