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So?after i got picked up by this fellow from Berlin..we reached Maribor
and stopped at a parking spot near morning we drove on to of Yougoslavia..this fellow wanted to stay a day there..
I wanted to reach Greek border as soon as we quit there..
Beograd is on the Sava an Danube river..told you before..big cities..well..
not my favorite cup of tea really..on the outskirts of Beograd I got picked up
by 3 crazy Austrians from Graz..travelling in a little car..2 guys+a chick...
real weird people..their destination was O.K.for me..
we drove to Nis..and then to Bulgarian border...but were kicked back on the border..long hair??visa??don?t even remember it??point was..we drove back to Skopje and Gevgelija..border Greece..awwww..Greece..loved this place..
went via Thessaloniki-Kavalla-Komotini-Alexandropoulis towards Ipsala..
border Greece-Turkey..then to Kesan-Tekirdag-finally we reached Istanbul..
and wooooh..that?s a city to my heart...stayed 3 night there..will tell you later on..hippies came together in Eminonu in pudding the link..
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