trip to India=Iran..

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So..finally left Tehran by bus..booked a ticket straight to Kerman..
via Qum..which is an important stronghold of pilgrimage(religion)
the trip to Kerman was loveley..very hot...and very arid landscapes..
specially around Yazd..Kerman is a small and very ancient city..
in the middle of nowhere..big and very interesting bazaar..I was the only
foreigner on the bus..but the people were extremeley friendly..
I stayed overnight in a small bazaar of should
not miss..very hectic..Kerman is famous for carpet weaving...nice designs.. still a nice stretch by bus..
we got frequent control points from Iranian police..the Shah in his days had a secret police force called savak..
but these checkpoints were probably only ordinary traffic control..
I came 2 days to early in Zahedan..train to Quetta runs only once a week..
so i stayed at a sort of campsite run lodging...there were other foreigners
waiting for the iron horse(train)to Baluchistan..I remember I stocked up
food..mostly sardines..and fruits in tins(peaches,cherries)
it was a rough desert train ride to Quetta..a trip I remember well till up today..finally the train my ticket 2nd class..I guess 1st class was
not available..lots of funny folks to board this train..Baluchi tribals with a
very big knife on their belts..they were using a compartiment of the train
as a cooking facility..made their own etc..they smoke a lot of weed as well..but I didn't liked to get high there..tell you more later

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