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Today i went to Wal-Mart and like always i was barefoot and getting my bare feet nice and dirty. I was on my way to pay for everything i wanted. And i notice that yhe person in front of my was a transsexual. The person was a man going through the change and he was checking out and he was taking his time. And the people behind me where making fun of him and the person keeped looking at me and the people behind me. And i said to the transsexual that don't pay attention to them they are just assholes. He said they are not with you i said no i said i let people become who they are if you are a man and you feel that you should have been a woman then do what you have to to feel good about your self. And i said look at me I'm a full time barefooter and i have people say things that is just not right . but i still go barefoot because it my lifestyle and that will never change. As we talked the two people behind me notice and started to say oh that must be his man and i said I'm going to take their attention away from you and put it on me . He said how . (i don't even know the transsexual ) I said just watch one of the two men looked down and said will if he is his man the man is barefoot and he even has a toes ring they must be a couple. As they started about my bare feet the cashier called for the store manager and i know the store manager. They said wow only women go barefoot everywhere or gay people or crazy people. I said no i bet you two go barefoot in your litte apartment. Will yes or at the park so i said you twomust be crazy or gay or a women. They said no we are men we do yoga and i said barefoot right they said yes . And i said wow and that's when the manager came and said is their a problem here i said hi Mark he said hi barefoot Rick. What is going on so i told him and he said that they do not like people who make fun of other peoples lifestyle and that he called the police and they where there. So the police officer took my statment and the transsexual statment be said thank you for ask if he could call me and we could talk about how people and places where we get treated badly and how we deal with it and how we talk to other with the same lifestyle as we have and how they deal with it. So i gave him my number and it will be great to talk to others and see how they deal with it. So all i know that the two guy's talk really bad about bare feet and the statement about my bare feet was worse then what they where saying to the transsexual. Will everybody keep barefooting.
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