Thus It Begins

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For months now I have been blogging on facebook. I rarely posted comments on anybody else's facebook timeline, but rather mostly confined my comments to my own timeline about whatever happened to seem to require my commentary. :) Drunken, of course. Because for years now, I have not been able to post online comments without first drinking a substantial amount of wine.

As of Monday of this week my ancient personal desktop computer's CPU fan broke. I was thus left without any means to get my nightly fix of drunken facebook ranting, so therefore I came: Here. :) Cuz I remembered this being a place where I once could rant with little fear of censure.

On facebook, on the other hand, I had many fears of censure. Cuz, as you may know, facebook folks are NOT the same as Hipforums folks.

Yet: I posted the most insane shit on facebook in SPITE of my fears of censure.

I believe that was a spiritual test for me. I'd had it easy before that, see? Cuz Hipforums folks are a lot more interesting and apt to make allowances for idiosyncracies. So learning to post whatever came into my head on facebook and feel okay about it pushed my self-acceptance boundaries.

Now the gods of the universe have steered me back to Hipforums. Why? Well I have some thoughts. But I think we will need to let events unravel for a bit to allow such thoughts to take better form and possibly find some justification.

This blog is mostly for help me understand who the hell I am, see. If you find some entertainment value, or even more serious value, in my drunken rants here, then the is icing on the cake.

So...thus it begins...
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