This is the Dawning

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Time to take off the dark glasses and come to the realization - that there Are others out there - who have not only gone before you, but some even traveled more darksome paths to get here than you could even start to imagine on your most depressed day. My own route was very inside, but fellowship with those on the other side made it not too onerous. We Walk and Work together and with others to try to help those that would - help themselves. Empowering the individual. And so few will want it, let alone give their lives to It. It must always come from within. For without the individual building the fire that will consume them into the change, stepping off into the abyss, the fool does not get to Travel ..... Ah but what an adventure.

So - do not give up on yourSelf, nor even the world - for there are some she holds within her that are willing to go the distance and step into the Beyond..
Synchronicity recombines possibilities to give us choices that will always lead us Beyond - we must make the choice and step into the unknown that beckons and calls to us from within. Follow your bliss find the vision imprinted within
Be Still, Listen, Pay Attention , And - Act.

Blessings along the Way
- the lessons we Learn

Namaste (my spirit bows to your spirit)
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