the onset..

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I've always been an eccentric fellow..
in 1966 i got my degree in chemistry(laborant)
in these days..flower power was in full swing..
the music was great..I lived in a village of 13000 inhabitants..
northeastern corner of 1966..I grew my hair long..
ditto beard..I became the first hippie/beatnik of this place..
had to swallow lots of shit..long hair, know..
used to hang out in the local pubs/discos with my friends..
my Dad was an alcoholic..I got a key from our house..
and whether i came in at 4 in the morning..or did not come in..
at all..nobody freedom..
we had great times..boozing..laughing our asses off in the pub..
i used to go out barefoot sometimes..they declared me nuts..
my Dad had to swallow lots of shit because of me..
local villagers pointed me out..what a scumbag...
later 1974..these same people..shook my hands..
after some articles were published in a local newspaper..
about my overland trips to India etc.. may be strange..
but you have seen something of the world..
I shook their hands..but..I thought..fuck you,mates..
i don't like double standards in life..
i made a fist in my pocket...
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