The Eat Out

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I'm a brown-bagger. I'm not ashamed of it. Some people--I've noticed--make sure that they revolve their meal time around mine just so that they can see what I pull out. For the most part, my meals are vegetable based; there's usually a grain (bulgur, rice, barley) and some fish for protein (tuna, salmon, or something fresh like talapia or snapper).
I have an Italian cook at home, so why bother eating out. I've thought about getting an official thermal lunch bag, but nothing seems to catch my eye.
A friend of mine in NYC obsesses over food. She also winds up eating crap from cheap Chinese restaurants that seem to pour on lots of gloppy gravy. When I DO eat out I like to have a meal that is memorable. I also choose places that serve food that I do not or cannot make at home; Ethiopian or Tibetan cuisine uses herbs and spices that are not part of my larder.
Now I'm going to look at lunch boxes before bed :)
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