taxi brousse to Banjul(Gambia)

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Banjul(Gambia)was about 300kms??they told us 5 hours by car..
we did bit more over that..these Peuguot cars..first must get fully loaded..
then they start..very sit with these Senegalese locals..
for a ride to M'bour..again waiting..a ride to Kaolack..again waiting..
a ride to Barra ferry..then into was a hot difficult ride..
the driver..was a nice dude...avoiding potholes on the road??
busy bus stations..dust..heat and noise...reminded me of India a lot..
we reached Barra on the Gambia river..had to take a bac=ferry..
it's always an adventure taking a ferry in Africa..
I remembered the Rosso ferry..or Dakar-Gor?? island..
finally..we reached Banjul..first impression..another currency.
1 dalasi=100 butut..Mandink? is the biggest etnological group here..
we booked 3 nights in a hotel..rather O.K..not too much luxury..
I'll tell you folks later about Gambia..let's see if I can find a link..

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