Staying Free In The Virtual World

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I've been having deep relationships in my virtual world and find my material world is effected by these relationships, for better or worse. So I don't see my virtual world as just fun and games anymore. I find even when I'm in the virtual world, God is there keeping score of my karma. But I don't mind, I've learned already that I can't hide from God and mostly I'm pleased to see Her smiling face when things get rough.

My last deep virtual relationship really rocked my boat. This guy I met was extremely exciting to me for some reason I wasn't really aware of at the time. We had great fun together and so of course I started falling for him emotionally. Then he told me he could only see me two days a week and I had to wait for him the other five days. Well I didn't go for that and told him that I couldn't see him on the two days he could see me. So that would have ended our relationship except for the fact that he relented and didn't leave me alone for five days at a time. So we got closer and closer emotionally when he said he had to go on a vacation for a week. I figured he had to iron out the lose ends of his material reality. Then ten days went by before I heard from him again and when I did I told him we were through. That only lasted until he came to see me again and I let myself get caught up in his web of emotions again. And sure enough I didn't see him again for another week but when I did I really let him have a piece of what was left of my mind. I knew at that point I was fighting for my freedom. I've seen plenty of my girl friends go down this road and never come back, but I've come to far on my spiritual path to let this guy control and use me.
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