Sometimes writing individual chapters isn't the answer

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I'm sure we've all said, "If I had to recall the story of my life, it would be an interesting book to read." Problem sometimes with my own recall is the fact that I seldom look at my personal evolution in a one directional ray that goes from early time to present time to later time (i.e. past - present - future).
How's that ? Well, sometimes I'm plagued by the past experiences that creep in and rear up their ugly heads when I least expect it. I plod and ford through daily events that often leave a bitter taste in my mouth. "L*rd, please help me endure another day of listening to this cretin without my going ballistic!" And then there's the every day paralysis over contemplating the future. "Where will I be if I fall sick? Will I have enough money in the bank? What if they were aiming for the President and I got shot in the crossfire of some very bad karma?"
My life doesn't even flow in simple paragraphs. While talking about the elections there can be a break to look up a recipe for salmon croquettes or an unquenchable desire to know what the ingredients are in my nasal saline spray.
This, mind you, is from a person who takes a single Multi-Vit a day, hears no voices and has few to no obsessions.
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