some travel tips for Norway..

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As we all know..Norway is very expensive to most of our standards..
best travell time=I would suggest between 10 june-15 august..
you can never be sure about climatic conditions in Norway..
often they get lots of rain..accomodation=hotels=too expensive..
either stick to youth hostels...and even these are not cheap..
best option are campsites..take a tent..often campsites offer *hytter*
if you could travel with 4 persons..this will be a good bargain..
take a sleeping bag along for this option..further information on campings,hytter etc..
Norvegians speak English quite well..also to consider is*wild camping*
*allemansretten*is a Norvegian term indicating that anyone can camp
free up till 2 days..but stay about 200 meters from the nearest habitation
if there is any..and don't leave any litter or rubbish..don't make a fire..
watch out with speed limits on Norvegian roads..fines are very high..
take a decent money budget with you..and travel with good road maps..
I recommend Cappelen maps..available in the better travel bookshops..
always take some warm clothes with can get chilly on ferries..
try to witness midsummer festival..around middle's really something..
I would also recommend travelling above the polarcirkel and see this famous
midnight sun scenery..simply unforgettable..the trip too Northcape is maybe
worthwhile..I never made it..I got stuck in Honningsvag..consider also..
that the North cape very touristic...and it costs a bit..
just to visit Northcape anyway..
for me...the real Norway..are the fjords...damn..I loved it..
I'll think about more tips in a next thread..
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