Sincerely, A Ghost

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Rebecca Vonloudiff was a brave, courageous woman, and her son was special! She would not let anybody bully her son! And then one day she died.

Yes, her son was griefstricken. Many wished him well. Anyone who wronged him, though, would soon be visited by the grave spirit of Rebecca Vonloudiff, like a ghost, but a zombie ghost.

Albert Vonloudiff began to be associated with the legend of the visit from his mother's haint. People began to become paranoid of him. Eventually one attacked him and he died.

I am of the opinion that Albert Vonloudiff was innocent. How can one person be indicted for the crimes of another? And yet people now want to stone me too, for saying this.

We need to stand up for people like Albert Vonloudiff, who are having strange sensual experiences, as all experiences are sensual. He was an innocent man, but his mother is simply that determined to stop bullies from picking on him, though the hauntings have decreased since his untimely demise.


A Ghost
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