sightseeing tour around Reykjavik(Iceland)

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We were both curious and this sighseeing tour..
was going to be??let me tell you all...I would recommend it..
this trip is done by bus of course..the usual tourists were there..
the guides who conduct these trips..are very well trained..
they will give you a glimpse into Iceland's history and nature..
first we drove through Reykjavik said before..
the whole heated by geothermic power..
we passed Laugadalur..which is a geothermal swimming pool..
all year round..even in can swim in the open..
reminded me on H?viz(Hungary)after this the bus drove east..
towards a place called Thingvellir..which marks Icelands history a lot..
situated bit over 20kms from Reykjavik in beautiful nature..
the Icelandic Althing(parlement)came together since old ages..
it's a national park nowadays..with lava rocks,waterfalls,wild nature..
bit further up the road is strokkur=geysir..this is really something..
it's a hot spring...the guide was very humoristic..she said..strokkur..
might spout it's jet in 10 min..or tomorrow..she should be..
every 10's quite a goes very high..maybe 25meters?
I bet quite a bit of pressure down there deep in the earth...
of course..the tourist cameras click constantly there as well..
after that..we went to Gullfoss=a waterfall..great sight...
bit more over 30 meters waterfall..I saw lots of foss=waterfall..
in Norway...specially around the Geiranger fjord..great scenery..
the Gullfoss..I did not find so impressive as the Norway waterfalls..
after Gullfoss..we drove to had to do with religion..
don't remember very well what was the's just..
a village in the middle of nowhere..with a church..
we had food some local cheap..
this sightseeing tour is certainly worthwhile..if you cannot explore
Iceland for a longer gives you bit of a look..about nature..
I'll see if i can find some links..the next day..transport to Keflavik..
airport..flight to Findel(Luxemburg)and back home..

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